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Flip Coat Hook - Grey
Umbra's famous wooden Flip Coat Cook in a grey finish and at a fab low STORE sale price!
WAS £25.00
NOW £12.50
See Flip Coat Hook - Grey details
Handbag Organiser - Estique
Scandi inspired rotating handbag and accessories organiser with 6 hooks to pop on a hanging rail inside a wardrobe.
WAS £10.00
NOW £3.00
See Handbag Organiser - Estique details
Subway Coat Hook - Black
London Underground inspired coat rack with 10 storage hooks.
WAS £28.00
NOW £14.00
See Subway Coat Hook - Black details
Typewriter Coat Hook
Helen Miller designed coat rack with a different character from a manual typewriter on each hook.
WAS £30.00
NOW £6.00
See Typewriter Coat Hook details
Block - Oak Coat Hook
Handmade solid oak coat hook from the workshop of our Welsh designer friend Gafyn.
See Block - Oak Coat Hook details
The Wave Coat Hook
Artistic take on the humble coat rack from the designers from J-ME.

Our wall mounted metal Wave is available in a powder coated black, platinum or a white finish.
See The Wave Coat Hook details
Swivel Hangbag Hook
Save space at the bottom of the wardrobe with our chromed hanging swivel hangbag storage hook
See Swivel Hangbag Hook details
Multi-Coloured Coat Hook
New Low Price
Eames inspired multi-coloured coat hook at a great low price!
See Multi-Coloured Coat Hook details
XL Multicoloured Coat Hook
You asked for a larger version of our famous multicoloured coat hook and it took us a while but finally here it is!
See XL Multicoloured Coat Hook details
3 x Handbag & Coat Hooks
Set of three giant bulldog clips to hang your coats and handbags.

Another fab storage solution by designer Alan Wisniewski!
See 3 x Handbag & Coat Hooks details
Puck Hook
Stylish screw and tool free double storage hook.

Great for bathrooms and bathrobes!
See Puck Hook details
Oak Coat Hook and Mini Mirror
Solid oak coat hook with integrated mirror to check you're 'looking good' on the way out.

Designed and made in the workshops of STORE friend Gafyn in Wales
See Oak Coat Hook and Mini Mirror details
Yook Key Hook & Organiser
We love this neat hallway storage idea by designer Jordan Murphy.

Available in a white and grey or a matt black finish, it's a great hallway organiser for post, keys, mobile phones etc.
See Yook Key Hook & Organiser details
Switch Coat Hook
Sliding wooden coat hook from Umbra that expands when company calls

Available in glossy white and natural wood or matt black and natural wooden finish..
WAS £40.00
NOW £15.00
See Switch Coat Hook details
Cubby Organiser
Choice of wooden finishes
We love this neat storage idea by designer William Mak.

Available in a dark wood or white finish it's a great hallway organiser for coats, post, keys, the mobile etc.
See Cubby Organiser details
Splat Coat Hook
Darkwood wall mounted coat and bag hook in the shape of a 'splat' to clear the clutter from the hallway floor
See Splat Coat Hook details
Stainless Steel Coat Rack
Top quality brushed stainless-steel coat hook for those who want the minimalist look.

This item looks stunning in the flesh and is finished to the highest standard.
See Stainless Steel Coat Rack details
Handmade Under Stairs Solid Oak Coat Rack
Handmade in North Wales our solid oak ascending coat rack has been designed to pop sit perfectly under a staircase.

Pop little one's coats or scarves and bags on the lower hooks and grown-ups coats on the upper hooks of this top quality coat rack.
See Handmade Under Stairs Solid Oak Coat Rack details
Modular Handbag Store
Sturdy metal rack to store your handbags.

Can be configured for use inside a wardrobe (as shown) or hanging on the back of a door.
See Modular Handbag Store details
Arc Hook & Shelf
Wall mounted powder coated coat rack and shelf cleverly created by our designer friends in the Oxo Tower

Available in black and white.
See Arc Hook & Shelf details
Coat & Shoe Storage Rack - Leanera
Scandi hallway storage rack with 6 coat hooks and space to store 6 pairs of shoes.

A fab. 'no drilling required' neat instant storage solution.
See Coat & Shoe Storage Rack - Leanera details
Dog Lead Storage Hook - Bone
Stop your dog leads going walkies with our new quirky, hand finished oak veneer dog lead storage hooks.
See Dog Lead Storage Hook - Bone details
Farringdon Luggage Rack
Raw steel wall mounted luggage rack style shelf and hanging rail with 4 storage hooks.
See Farringdon Luggage Rack details
Flip Coat Hook - Mini
A smaller version of our best selling coat hook designed by David Quan.

This time it's back with 3 hooks and is perfect for small hallways.
See Flip Coat Hook - Mini details
Set of 3 Wall Hooks - Hub
Set of 3 wall mounted hooks crafted from solid wood and black rubber.

Part of our best selling Hub range
See Set of 3 Wall Hooks - Hub details
Sticks Coat Hook
Available in 3 Colours
Luciano Lorenzatti designed moulded coat hook from our friends in Holland
See Sticks Coat Hook details
Vertical Oak Key Rack & Mini Mirror
Handmade solid oak key storage hook with slim mirror, perfect for the hallway.

Designed and made in Wales.
See Vertical Oak Key Rack & Mini Mirror details
Dog Lead Hook - Walkies
Stop your dog lead going walkies with our hand-made oak veneer dog lead storage hook.
See Dog Lead Hook - Walkies details
No iDeer Coat Hook
Top quality, handmade, solid oak coat hook in the style of stags head wall hanging.

Designed and made in the workshops of STORE friend Gafyn in Wales.
See No iDeer Coat Hook details
Oak Coat Rack - Trucks & Diggers
Top quality handmade solid oak coat hook

Made exclusively for STORE in the workshops of our designer friends Gafyn and Sean in Wales
WAS £30.00
NOW £26.00
See Oak Coat Rack - Trucks & Diggers details