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Madra Log Store & Carrier
Stylish top quality stainless steel and fabric log store and carrier from our friends at Blomus in Germany.
WAS £120.00
NOW £52.00
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Rattan Basket with Handles - Medium
Super quality hard-wearing lined rattan basket. Great for clearing away toys, handy for towels, ideal for logs, the possibilities are (almost) endless!
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Log Storage Side Table
This fab log storage table crafted from a mix of rustic oak and charcoal coloured painted wood.

Great for using next to the fire, in an alcove or as a side table.
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Kindling Wood Box
Spruce wood kindling wood storage box to neaten up the fireside
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XL Fireside Log Box
Stylish, XL sized spruce fireside log storage box.
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Oval Seagrass Basket with Handles
New Low Price
Quality oval shaped seagrass storage basket with handles.

Great for toy storage, folded towels in the bathroom or hats and gloves in the hallway.
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Fireside Companion Set of 4 Tools
Top quality wrought iron 4-piece companion set .

Set includes a poker, log grabber, ash shovel and brush.
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Wrought Iron Log Holder
Stylish quality wrought iron log holder to pop by the side of the fire.

Ideal for putting a stop to unwelcome trips out in the cold.
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Aldsworth Wheelie Bin & Log Store
Rustic fir wood wheelie bin and log store in one.

Great for the back garden, yard or bottom of the driveway.
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Galvanised Coal Skuttle
New Low Price
Galvanised coal skuttle to sit stylishly by the fireplace.

Ideal for carrying coal in from the coal shed.
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Compact Log Store
This compact rustic spruce wood log store is ideal for storing firewood in in a small city backyard or garden that's tight on space.
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Wooden Log Store
Rustic pine log store for storing firewood in the garden or backyard. Cut your fuel bills and burn your own wood!
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Canvas Log Bag
Sturdy canvas log bag, perfect for carrying and storing logs to the wood burner or open fire.
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Contemporary Log Store & Carrier
Black powder coated contemporary steel log store and carrier for using next to a fire place or on the patio for your fire pit.
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Firelighter Storage Box
Lidded storage box to stop the oily smell of wood burner firelighters pervading your home.

Also great to stop BBQ firelighters getting damp in the garage or shed
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Kindling Basket with Rope Handle
Rattan storage basket with rope handle.

Great for storing kindling wood by the fire, toys in the living room or for collecting home grown fruit in.
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Rattan Log & Kindling Basket with Rope
Large classic rattan Log Basket with an internal divider so you can store logs and kindling.
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Matches Storage Box
Lidded storage box to stop your matches getting damp and soggy before lighting the BBQ, bonfire or hearth etc.
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Round Wicker Log Basket
Generously sized sturdy rattan log basket with handles and hessian lining.

Makes for a great laundry basket too!
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Giant Rattan Log Basket
Giant-sized quality rattan log basket with carry handles.

Makes for a long-lasting log or linen basket, that's sure to stand the test of time
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Kindling Wood Bucket
Stylish and sturdy item to store your kindling wood by the fireside.
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Quality Rattan Log Basket - Large
Stylish and generously sized round quality rattan log basket with carry handles.
See Quality Rattan Log Basket - Large details
Coal Bucket
At last, a stylish looking bucket to store the coal in next to this winter's roaring fire!

Much better looking than traditional coal scuttles.
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Ash Bucket
Sturdy lidded steel storage bucket to help clear the fire
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Fireside Companion Set
Modern take on the traditional fireside companion set in brushed stainless steel.
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