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Wicker Laundry Sorter Hamper
Large wicker laundry basket with two sections marked for 'Lights' and 'Darks'.

Makes doing the laundry that little bit quicker.
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Jute Laundry Bag
Choice of Colours....
High quality jute laundry bag with chunky rope handles. Another stylish and long lasting item from our friends in Denmark.
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Triple Laundry Sorter
Keep your whites, darks and colours separated in our three bag laundry basket which is exclusive to STORE.
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Washing Machine Laundry Bin
Amusing washing machine shaped laundry basket complete with clear window to the front
WAS £15.00
NOW £8.00
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Laundry Basket - Hessian
Foldable lidded hessian storage box with handles, makes for a great laundry box.
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Pop-up Laundry Bin - Blue
Blue fabric pop-up basket with handy carrying handle and zipped lid.
WAS £10.00
NOW £5.00
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Darks & Lights Divided Laundry Bag
Well-made laundry bag with internal divider to separate darks & lights.
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Handled Laundry Bag
Well-made portable laundry bag with robust carry handles.
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Large Seagrass Laundry Basket
Space saving corner unit for family use.

This laundry basket now has with a fabric lining!
Product temporarily out of Stock
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Shaker Style Laundry Hamper
Space saving slim-line shaker-style laundry hamper with hinged lid.
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Travel Laundry Bag - World Map
Travel sized laundry bag for your suitcase.

Avoids mixing dirty and clean washing inside your bag whilst allowing you to plot your next stop on the world tour. Folds up into a compact pouch.
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Small Seagrass Laundry Basket
Space saving corner unit, ideal laundry basket for smaller bathrooms
WAS £40.00
NOW £35.00
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Elfa Divided Hamper and Drawer Frame
White cotton divided hamper and gliding drawer frame.

Great for sorting socks from smalls or adding to your elfa solution as a gliding laundry basket.
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Lid for Elfa Divided Hamper
Quality cotton lid to clip onto our elfa divided laundry hamper for a more lidded / discrete basket.
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Canvas Laundry Bag
Canvas and nylon laundry bag in a choice of colours.

Nice sturdy idea for carrying the washing to the machine.
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