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Cable Buddy
Handy idea to store your iPod ear phones, USB cables and laptop power cables neat and tidy.
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Christmas Planner File
Hardback book to help you get organised this Christmas with plenty of space to note down gift ideas, cards sent and received, food ideas etc.
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Drawer Organiser Set 1
Seven piece plastic drawer organiser set.

Ideal for a standard 60cm wide kitchen drawer or reconfigure as you wish for any width of drawer.
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Gift Wrap Storage Bag
Large enough to hold several rolls of wrapping paper, our new gift wrap storage bag also has plenty of pockets for tape, scissors, gift bags and ribbon.
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'The Nose' Glasses Holder
Chromed stainless steel store with suction mount to hold your glasses safely while showering, at bedtime etc etc.
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Charger Cable Clutter Clearers
Pack of 3 handy little chaps to help eliminate mobile phone, iPOD, camera etc. cable clutter.

A fantastic way to eliminate cable spaghetti storage! Also a great travel accessory in your suitcase for charger cables.
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iPhone Charger Holder
You asked for a larger version of our popular phone charger holder but for your smart phones and here it is!

Ideal for iPhones and other smart phones we're really pleased with the result...
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Clothes Peg Clip Light
LED light in the shape of a clothes peg.

Clip onto the corner of a book for instant illumination.
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Pantone ® Metal Storage Tins
Colourful lidded metal storage tins in rich Pantone colours to organise your bits and bobs.
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Address Book
Get yourself organised with our new easy to use hardback address book which contains handy 'change of address' labels so no more scribbling out when friends move house.
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Colour Code Cable Ties
Set of 8 multi-coloured cable ties to organise your power and other peripheral cables.
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Set of Drawer Organiser Dividers
Set of 6 white plastic dividers for that perfect fit inside pretty much any sized drawer.

Great for using in a bedroom, kitchen or office drawer.
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Bunting with Storage
6 pennant 2m long multi-coloured string of bunting, each with hidden storage pockets to clear the clutter.

Velcro mounted to allow for nail-free hanging.
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Laptray and Tablet Stand
Ingenious wooden lap tray with a clever notch to hold your tablet safe

Great for catching up on your favourite TV or for a bit of surf and turf!
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Family Calendar 2016
Keep the whole family organised with our 2016 family calendar which has space for up to 5 peoples activities plus a handy storage pocket for invitations, appointment cards etc.
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2 x Denim Wall Storage Pockets
Set of 2 self-adhesive denim wall storage pockets to clear the clutter.

Great for storing mobile phones, reading glasses, stationary, kids knick-knacks etc. etc.
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Stuff That Doesn't Go Anywhere Tin
Metal storage tin for 'Stuff that doesn't go anywhere else'.

Great for all those bits and bobs, CD and DVD storage etc. et.c
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Coz-e-reader Smart Phone Stand
Cushioned stand designed to store your mobile phone so you always have it to hand plus have a hands-free holder for following recipes, watching catch-up TV etc.

Compatible with most mobile phones.
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Mini Money Tin
Stash your loose change away inside our mini money tins.

Choose from chocolate fund, wine and beer money options
WAS £2.50
NOW £2.00
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Coz-e-reader E-Reader Stand
Cushioned stand designed to hold your e-reader at an ideal viewing angle for enjoying your latest read

Choice of patterns available,
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Tumble Desktop Multi-Photo Frame
Brushed chrome free-standing photo frame for the desktop or sideboard. Four frames in one...neat huh!
WAS £22.00
NOW £15.00
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Pencil Tablet Stylus
Neat pencil-shaped stylus for your iPad and other tablets.

Available in Blue, Pink, Red or Yellow
WAS £8.00
NOW £5.00
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Birthday Card Organiser
Great idea to save the embarrassment of forgetting birthdays and anniversaries!

A perpetual calendar book with pockets to store greetings cards.
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Skinny Pen
At just 4mm thick our new space saving Skinny Pen has sticky-back docking station to secure it to the inside cover of your diary or notebook.
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Under Shelf Basket
Ok, so the picture shows it in use in the kitchen but this item makes a great space saving solution above your desk as an IN/OUT tray...as tested in the STORE office.
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Cable Storage Case
Charger storage case with 'Every charger in the universe' adorned on the front.
Product temporarily out of Stock
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Magnetic Notice Boards
As seen on TV, our famous range of magnetic photo boards each with 4 super strong matching magnets will brighten any room

Choose from 10 fab photo designs...
WAS £42.00
NOW £18.00
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