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Large Stacking Mesh Shelf
Use this handy folding shelf inside your kitchen cupboards to create extra storage space. These units (which make great plate racks) can be stacked one on top of each other...simple!
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Small Mesh Stacking Shelf
Use this handy folding shelf inside your kitchen cupboards to create extra storage space. Units can be stacked one on top of each other and also used with it's larger relative (see photo)

Makes for a great plate rack!
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Spoon Rest Clip
Neat clip to store your stirring spoon and avoid mess on the worktops.

A simple idea but a great solution to an age-old problem!
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Scandi Kitchen Storage Basket
White and light wood Scandi-style large kitchen storage basket with handle.

Great for organising the inside of a kitchen cupboard or how about on the counter top to help clear the clutter.
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Vertical Plate Rack
Great space-saving concept!
Stack your plates vertically with our innovative vertical plate stacker rack to create near-instant extra cupboard space and easy access
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Cabinet Basket
Maximise cupboard storage and get easy access to the very back of the cupboard at all times with our sliding mesh 2 drawer organiser. Each basket slides out completely so you can take it wherever you need it.
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Mesh Under Shelf Basket
A great space saving item to give you extra space in those voluminous kitchen cupboards where there's never enough shelf space.
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Mini Shopping Trolley Fruit Bowl
Chromed fruit basket in the shape of a shopping trolley.

Our Chester STORE customers suggest it makes a great desk tidy too!
WAS £29.00
NOW £14.00
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Spice Stepper
Our spice steps are a great way to organise all those smaller spice jars and other tins so you can see right at the back of the cupboard without having to struggle
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Onion Storage Bag
French kitchen storage bag with blackout lining to preserve your onions and delay the sprouting process.

Hang inside your kitchen cupboards, on the back of a door etc etc.
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Coffee Capsule Storage Box
Five drawer storage box to hold your Nespresso capsules.
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Scandi Cupboard Plate Stacking Shelf - Large
Stylish metal and wood stacking shelf to pop inside your cupboard to create extra storage space for storing bowls, plates, tinned food etc.
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Glass Drying Rack - Branch
Store and dry your drinking glasses tidily next to the sink with our new glass drying rack tree.
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Sachet / Packet Store - Mesh
Organise your packet mixes, sauce sachets and spice packs in our stepped sachet store. Great item to help organise your kitchen cupboards.
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Under Shelf Storage Rack - Scandi
Simply clip our new wood and metal Scandi undershelf under a kitchen cabinets to hold foil, film and kitchen utensils, etc.
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Microwave Top Shelving Unit
New Low Price
Handy 2-tier shelf to pop atop your microwave oven to make effective use of otherwise unused storage space.
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Traditional Egg Store
Our new traditional wire egg store really is eggcellent.

Our Chester STORE customers also suggest it makes for a great storage basket for herbs or fruit.
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Under Shelf Wine Glass Holder
Sturdy white metal wine glass storage rack to hook inside your kitchen cupboard to provide extra storage space for up to 6 glasses.
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Coffee Capsule Slide
Innovative enamel helter-skelter to stylishly store your favourite Nespresso mocha, cappuccino and latte coffee capsule pods
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Garlic Basket
New Low Price
Retro powder coated steel wire basket to store bulbs of garlic.

Will add a touch of chic to any counter top.
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Garlic Storage Bag
Garlic storage bag from our chef friends in Paris.

Blackout lining helps store and stop your garlic bulbs sprouting before you've used them.
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Scandi Cupboard Plate Stacking Shelf - Small
New Low Price
Stylish metal and wood stacking shelf to pop inside your cupboard to create extra storage space for storing bowls, plates, tinned food etc.
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Cupboard Bowl Tidy - Large
Sturdy metal storage tower to keep large bowls stacked neat and tidy inside your cupboards or on your counter top.
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Drawer Organiser Set 1
Seven piece plastic drawer organiser set.

Ideal for a standard 60cm wide kitchen drawer or reconfigure as you wish for any width of drawer.
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Slate Egg Tray
New Low Price
Contemporary egg tray crafted from natural slate to display your fresh eggs.
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Spiral Egg Store
Should you store eggs in or out of the fridge? It's no yoke but we say out & on this stylish egg store.

Click to find out more reasons why eggs are better stored outside the fridge...
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Baking Accessories Storage Box
Organise and tidy your kitchen cupboards with this 3-tiered baking accessories storage box.
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Potato Storage Bag
Our new potato storage bag not only stores and dispenses your potatoes, but also helps to preserve them by delaying the sprouting process.
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Slimline Kitchen Storage Trolley
Three tier slim-line kitchen storage trolley on castors.

At only 12cm wide but with plenty of shelf-space it's ideal for those unused nooks and awkward spaces in the kitchen
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Conran Toast Rack
Sebastian Conran designed stylish toast rack.

Can also double up as a letter rack in the hallway!
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