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Daily Telegraph names STORE as “Best of the Rest”

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Did you read about STORE in The Daily Telegraph’s Summer Special Bargain Guide this week?  Included in the paper was a great summer supplement in which STORE was named top of their “Best of the Rest” listings alongside some other great names such as and our friends at  The Telegraph suggested that if you “need more really useful ideas” then STORE is the place to come.


Countdown to the STORE SUMMER SALE

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

We like to be traditional when it comes to certain things at STORE.  Unlike several Chester retailers who’s Christmas decorations go up in early November or even October (you know who you are big Chester chain store!) we’re proud to say that the lovely STORE Christmas tree lights are illuminated  in early December, when they should be!

The same is true of the now famous STORE Summer Sale which only lasts for a few weeks in July and has some really juicy discounts on regular lines with over 50% off many summer sale items and up to 80% off where we can.

This year we’re also offering a bit of shelf help with 20% off all our elfa shelving and storage. Whether you’re simply buying an elfa basket drawer tower to organise the bottom of your wardrobe or asking us to design a full-on elfa walk-in wardrobe, dressing room or elfa wardrobe internals within your existing fitted wardrobe, elfa is ideal to declutter your space.

The STORE Summer Sale starts this Thursday 1st July online at the stroke of midnight and in our stores from 9.30am when doors open on the same day BUT unlike our colleague Gerry’s infamous quote, “I hope I live as long as the DFS summer sale” the STORE sale only lasts for a short few weeks so hurry whilst stocks last!


Scottish Sunday Mail boxes clever with our storage boxes

Sunday, June 27th, 2010

Did you spot STORE’s products in Scotland’s Sunday Mail last Sunday next to our Livingston based Australian storage colleagues at Howards Storage World? The article was kindly subtitled “Box clever and find a place for everything” in our honour(?!) and featured our nifty Cubby Organiser as well as one of our fantastic elfa decor dressing room shelving solutions which we’ll design for you for free.

If you fancy the Carrie Bradshaw look at a fraction of the price, just call STORE on 0844 414 2885 and ask for one of our elfa shelving design experts who’ll take a look at your wardrobe internals space or dressing room dimensions and work-up a free design.

Also featured in the Sunday Mail storage article was a neat looking canvas laundry hamper from Howards Storage World on sale in their Livingston and Aberdeen stores at £39. STORE sells something similar at £36 but our version has three removable canvas bags rather than just one so you can instantly sort your lights from darks when filling the laundry bin.

The article also pictured some rather nice stackable jewellery storage boxes from Howards Storage World which looked to be a really nice way of organising jewellery and watches on a dressing table.


Your Home Magazine features our toy storage boxes

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

July’s issue of Your Home magazine has a really nice feature on turning an unused conservatory into a neat and tidy family room. Included in the readers make-over were our very own chalkboard toy storage boxes and as you can see from the photo the finished result looks amazing.

STORE's toy storage boxes in July's Your Home Magazine

For other toy storage boxes why not checkout our new LEGO shaped toy storage boxes or for a more traditional look our wicker Pirates Treasure Chest Toy Box.

If you’re after something a little more mobile, Your Home magazine suggested using our Clutter Busting Bins in last month’s issue. They make for a great toy store to plonk toys in and wheel away out of sight when company calls OR of course there’s our original Toy Storage Unit at £29 with it’s wooden frame and removable buckets for storing smaller toys.


STORE’s Remote Control store in Yours Magazine

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

Did you spot our nifty TV remote control storage caddy in this fortnight’s YOURS magazine?

It’s such a simple storage solution but such a great idea to keep your remotes close to hand and stop them disappearing down the back of the sofa


Cool & Quirky new tableware range for your summer party or BBQ

Friday, June 25th, 2010

We’re not known here at STORE for stocking tableware (unless it has some sort of storage or space saving related element to it) but when we recently stumbled across a new Italian made range from the famous Colombo family we just had to have it!  I guess with the pedigree of the late great designer of the world’s best storage solutions (IMHO) Joe Colombo at stake it just had to be unique and stylish…and it is!

Designed and (importantly) made in Italy too, our new range of summer tableware for your summer BBQ or dinner party has already received several admiring glances from our Chester flagship store customers, even though we’re not officially launching it until Monday.

Not wanting our online customers to miss-out too, here’s a couple of sneak-peak photos of this really unusual range of summer tableware.

The Entity hor d’oevre, fruit or cheese board serving platter

The Entity range (as it’s known) will be available in STORE and online at in the next few days but do hurry as the Colombo family workshops are only producing a limited run for us this summer and we think that stock is destined to eaten-up quickly!

The Entity ice cube bowl and tongs


The Flip Coat Hook is back!

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

It’s been a few years since our famous space saving Flip Coat Hook was introduced into the STORE range of hooks and hangers. Oft copied but never quite matching-up to the original, the Flip Coat Hook was and still is a massive hit for those with tight hallway spaces requiring a stylish coat hook. It’s designer Alan Wisniewski is back this summer with a variation on a theme in the form of The Flapper Coat Stand. The Flapper is finished in a gorgeous  lacquered dark wood and has nine of Wisnieski’s famous flip down coat hooks . In stock from early July, I’m tipping  the Flapper coat stand to become be another Wisniewski classic.


STORE’s Beehive Composter is finally on its way

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

You asked for it and it has taken us a while but we have now finally found a decent quality Beehive shaped wooden compost bin after sifting though some really rubbish alternatives that just simply weren’t going to stand the test of time.

Our new Beehive Composter is due in stock in mid July and you won’t be disappointed. We’ve had it treated with a cedar wood stain so it’ll stand whatever the British elements throw at it and better still, unlike some we tested it has a hinged lid for easy no fuss access as well as an opening at the bottom to retrieve all your lovely nitrogen rich compost.


Elfa Utility hits STORE’s shelves

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

organise your garage this summer with our new range of Elfa Utility storage hooks and hangers

Our new range of workshop, garage and shed storage products from elfa of Sweden is now in stock both online and in our shops.  Known as Elfa Utility, this neat system of hooks, hangers, storage bags, part bins and tool storage hangers really is top quality and simple to install as you’d expect from our friends at elfa in Sweden.

As well as for the serious DIY junkie wanting to kit-out a whole workshop wall with tool storage, Elfa Utility is ideal if you’re just after a simple way to clear the clutter and make best use of space in your garage, shed or even utility room.  The genius of elfa means that once the single horizontal top track is in place everything else simply clips-on in seconds.  Better still, as it’s a totally modular storage system you can add, move or bespoke as your storage needs change in the future.

For details of the products available in our new Elfa Utility range see our new workshop and garage storage section online. We’ve also added a few of our Best Selling Elfa Solutions alongside the individual hooks and hangers to give you an idea of just want can be achieved with the Elfa Utility system.


STORE products in 10 Downing Street says Sunday Times Style Magazine

Friday, June 18th, 2010

Pip McCormac wrote a great article in this week’s Sunday Times Style Magazine in which he offered Samantha Cameron some pointers towards the hottest trends and niftiest gadgets and storage solutions for her new kitchen in Downing Street.

I’m pleased to report that The Sunday Times Style Magazine felt that STORE’s storage solutions were worthy of a mention to the PM’s wife saying:

“Check out nifty storage solutions as one drawer is not going to be enough for all your cutlery and takeaway menus. sells handy slim [elfa] shelving towers that can slot into a tiny space and hold your clutter”