Bespoke Wooden Wine Racks

Great news for those who love our made-to-measure bespoke wine racks for cellars but don’t have the storage space.  Our friend Richard, maker of our bespoke wooden wine racks right here in England (there’s no low quality cheap imports here!) has now made STORE a range of ready assembled smaller wine storage racks for us mere mortals without the storage space for several hundred bottles Rutherford Napa Valley!

Richard’s new traditional wooden wine racks come in both 30 and 90 bottle sizes, the latter is perfect for those with storage space under the stairs or a utility room or pantry. The 30 bottle wine rack can be stored neatly on a kitchen work surface or even inside a kitchen storage cupboard and one thing’s for sure, you won’t be disappointed when you see the quality of these bespoke-made wine racks. Thanks Richard, you’re a star!