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How to Organise Your Wardrobe

How to organise your clothes and become a wardrobe wizard...even if your name isn't Harry.

Do you have wardrobe envy?

Do you struggle to find the item you want? 

Do you secretly crave after having a well-organised wardrobe 

like the ones on Pinterest and Instagram?

Don’t worry: you’re not alone.

Here we’ve carefully curated spellbinding storage ideas 

so you can become a wardrobe wizard…

Kondo know-how

Talking of special powers, Kondo-mania is sweeping the nation following the Netflix series ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’. In this blog, we’ll show you her simple steps to clutter free wardrobe enlightenment.

But before you fit the solutions in, you need to follow the usual rules for storage projects:

Clear out, Clean out, Sort out.


Remove everything from your wardrobes. Chances are you don’t wear half of what you have in your wardrobe: I was the same. Now decide if you want to stow or throw…

Kondo know-how #1:

Take each piece and ask yourself if it ‘sparks joy’. 

If not, thank it for its service and get rid of it pronto.

Kondo know-how #2:

“Tidying up means confronting yourself” writes Marie Kondo. 

So don’t get sucked into sentimentality. Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be. Be ruthless.

Kondo know-how #3:

Too much all in one go? Break it down into smaller categories, e.g. tops or dresses.

We suggest for anything you don’t want, you either sell it, give it to a charity shop or recycle it.


Clean your wardrobe out at the base, on any shelves, in any drawers, plus don’t forget on top too.


Kondo know-how #4:

Put your remaining joy-sparking belongings in a place where they’re visible, accessible, easy 

to grab and to put back…

…OK, here’s where our clever storage solutions maximise your space.

Before you pick your perfect items, just measure the height, width and depth of your storage space and shelves, then you’ll know what will fit. 

Step inside your wardrobe

No matter whether your wardrobe has lots of inner shelves or just a base, you can store shoes and clothes with our clever solutions…

Have some help from Elfa

Now you can maximise every inch of your wardrobe space with Elfa. We’ve complete solutions that you can slot in – or just talk to us if you want a bespoke solution especially for you.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Kondo know-how #5:

Fold your clothes and store them vertically like files in an office cabinet, so they’re easier to 

find, less creased and harder to mess up: no more creating a jumble when pulling out the 

piece at the bottom of the pile. 


1. A well organised wardrobe saves you money as it keeps your clothes crease-free and protects them from sun damage and hungry moths.

2. Remember your wardrobe base is ideal for vacuum bag storage, stacking boxes and shoes too

3. Don’t let moths chew your cloth: protect your clothes from pesky pests with mothballs, cedar, lavender bags, or by lining the base with anti-moth paper. 

4. Choose slimline coat hangers to maximise your storage space. 

5. Put more than one shirt on a hanger to save space.

6. Sort by colour – or style. This is your shortcut to selecting the clothes you want to suit the occasion and your mood – and really handy when you’re in a rush. 

7. Give your special occasion wear the most room to breathe so it stays looking its best. 

8. Use shoe boxes as drawer dividers… 

9. …Even better, our plastic storage containers let you see everything at a glance. Turn the box side on and you can see all the vertical ‘files’ of folded clothes at a glance.

10. Don’t forget the outside and inside of your wardrobe doors. As well as this Wardrobe Door Clothes Hanger, see brilliant solutions in our over-door blog.

Kondo know-how #6:

The rise to the right – hang your heaviest, longest and darkest pieces on the left and the lighter pieces on the right – it’s uplifting for the eyes and mind.

Shrink wrap storage

Our Vacuum Storage shrinks your stuff down into a smaller space: so it’s brilliant at the base of your wardrobe for bedding, plus for your summer clothes in winter and your winter clothes in summer…

Boing! Spring to it 

Although it’s called Zebedee, our Angle Clothes Hanging Rail could equally have been called ‘Chalet’ as it’s brilliant at hanging around on the slopes. Handmade especially for us, it has a galvanised steel spring coil that spirals around the rail:  you just pop a hanger on each loop to stop them from slipping down. 

Available in 50, 60, 70 or 80cm lengths, in chrome, brass or rose copper, they’re ideal for under the stairs, or in the eaves, or in an attic room, loft-conversion wardrobe, dormer bungalow or any unusual sloped space. You could even have two rails them side-by-side for any deeper slope. 

Hang on…

We’ve also a host of hangers – from traditional Light Wood or Dark Wood, plus White or Plastic and modern Brushed Stainless Steel, Velvet-coated and Non-Slip Rubber-coated. 

Hang in there

Look at these for trousers, scarves, belts, ties and more…

Wardrobes aren’t just for clothes. Oh no. 

So hang your Handbags, Shoes and Jewellery storage from your rail too…

…once you’ve finished, you can breathe… knowing that your clothes have room to breathe too.

Sorting your wardrobe is emancipating.

You’ll feel your own spark of joy every time you open your wardrobe.

Want’s something different? 

Just call our Storage Experts.

Share your storage secrets