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GAD has a range of innovative storage furniture that comes from the Swedish Island of Gotland using the highest quality materials and traditional techniques.

Norrvange - Bookcase
Havdhem - Hall Bench

About GAD

From the chilly Baltic Sea on the isle of Gotland, this wonderful range of innovative storage furniture from GAD uses traditional Swedish carpentry techniques and the highest quality native Nordic woods to produce these hand-crafted pieces.

Starting 20 years ago, the founder and designer of GAD nursed a dream to start a furniture company with a quality line produced in traditional ways. Going against the marketing trend of mass-produced cheap furniture a small line was presented at the furniture fair in Stockholm and became an instant success.

The hidden qualities in the fine handicraft are always present in the design, from the drawers being joined with hand-blind dovetails or drawer runners of beechwood. The solid materials and traditional joinery techniques give the furniture a real sense of longevity in the marketplace and allows, if needed, many years down the line the ease of restoration.