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Tommy Toothbrush Hook

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By Koziol
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£ 4 .50

Tommy the toothbrush holder is a great little instant store for the families toothbrushes. Stick Tommy onto a mirror or bathroom tiles using the suction pad and hook your toothbrushes onto his stretched out legs for a novel way to store your brush.

Great for freeing-up sink space. Why not choose a different colour for each member of the family. Better still because bacteria love moist environments he'll allow your toothbrush to quickly air dry preventing germs from breeding.

Dimensions: 6cm high x 4cm wide x 5cm deep

Unless otherwise stated, all dimensions are external. Widths provided are measured at the widest point.

Height 6 cm
Width 4 cm
Depth 5 cm


Since 1927 Koziol has been exclusively producing in Odenwald, Germany doing everything from design, development and shipping all under one roof. Sustainability is key for Koziol as a company and a natural part of their strategy. From 2013 they have been exclusively producing with green electricity, saving around 1276 tonnes of CO2 annually. Plastic is the material of modern age, making our lives easier, more democratic and more hygienic. Koziol relies exclusively on thermoplastic that are 100% recyclable, being the most environmentally friendly materials on the market.

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Independent Feedback based on 4 verified reviews.
Good quality and works well
Very good quality and soooo cute:)
Suction pads not as effective as previous (similar) product brought several years ago from same website. Had to cut the 'release tab' off of the suction pads in order that the pads would sit flush and adhere to tiles. Without doing this they WOULD NOT stick at all. Keeping fingers crossed.
Does not stick to the tile even wetting it, cleaning the tile..etc..
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