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Updated: 12/07/2020

Elfa Shelving

Elfa gives you brilliant flexible, modular storage for every room in your home all backed by a 10-year guarantee. If you’re new to Elfa, our Starter Kits and Best-selling Solutions are great value complete all-in-one storage solutions. Or if you want a bespoke storage solution, try our Elfa Storage Components: these are the kit of parts to create the storage you want for the space you have.

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Elfa Drawer Towers

Freestanding Storage Towers from Elfa are brilliant solutions for every room in your home. You can create your own bespoke design to suit your space with our Frames and Baskets. Or if you just want a complete set, then go for a Best Selling Solution.

If you can’t find what you want? Then tell us or make your own from our comprehensive component selection.

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LEGO Storage

LEGO: big building blocks make great box storage

Relive your youth and explore our funky range of officially licensed LEGO storage products. From scaled-up bricks to storage heads and lunch boxes and even water bottles, our LEGO products add fun and pops of colour into any room in your home.   They’re great for kids bedrooms and playrooms. Plus as they’re oversized, they’re ideal as a retro storage idea or piece of iconic design for a funky studio, apartment or home for big kids too.   You never know, one of our LEGO bricks might even stop the age old problem of finding a rogue piece embedded in your foot!   We’ve made it easier to find exactly what you want. So we’ve created five easy-to-buy from LEGO shops: Giant Bricks and Heads, Minifigure Display Cases, Lunch Sets and Water Bottles, Storage Block Bundles – and Storage Heads.

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Modular Cube Storage

Modular Storage: the shape is the only square thing about it!

We love Modular Storage Cubes, here’s why…

Our modular furniture collection is called Handbridge. It’s flexible, adaptable and coming from us you know that it’s incredibly affordable.

Ours are as good if not better than some pricey high street alternatives: we’re sure you get the ‘Idea’! The value really stacks up: when you want some more room, just buy some more Handbridge units and pop them on top.

Their clean lines create order in any room. Plus, when you have them in several rooms, you create a visual continuity throughout your home that is more relaxing. As each cube is the same size, it’s easier on the eye and easier to organise as it’s a uniform design.

They come with or without drawer inserts: boxes and baskets, so everything is neatly stored away. Uniform and modular it may be, but we still get lots of choice…

Choose from 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 or even 9 cube furniture that shaped upright or horizontally so they’re ideal as a bench for storing shoes in a hallway.

We’ve made it ultra-easy with our best-selling great value bundles: If you don’t want to buy the units and the inserts separately, we’ve conveniently combined many of them together for you in pre-configured sets.

The 3 most important things about Modular Storage units: Quality, Quality, Quality.

At The Store we take quality extremely seriously. So we insist on giving you the very best quality, even better than most High Street and out-of-town stores. Our cubes are robust and a step-up from Ikea but still cost-effective, so that inserts are easy to replace if a ‘whoops!’ spill happens.

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Extreme Lounging

Chilling out has never bean so much fun.

  Bean bags: we love them. There’s something irresistibly squashy and uber comfy about them. They feel sooo comfy and supportive as they perfectly contour our contours.   Our Extreme Lounging Collection of indoor and outdoor Beanbags, Bean Bag Chairs, Bean Boxes and even a Double Hammock makes it so comfy to chill out whether you’re reading, watching TV or YouTube, gaming, hanging out with friends, sunbathing or looking after baby.

Bean bags are the perfect home accessories. They're a great way for you, for them and for the whole family – even your pets to relax. They’re cool in the bedroom, playroom, conservatory, or lounge as additional seating space when you’ve lots of friends and family over for festive celebrations and other occasions and you’re all sat down after a big meal.

For little ‘uns and big kids They’ll adore how they look and feel, you’ll love our low prices.

Bean Bags have grown up. Sure we still have them in funky shades and vivid brights. But we also have them in more traditional luxurious colours like browns, blacks and greys.

Tested to perfection. We’ve tested and rejected so many, so we only bring you the best, the softest, safest, most comfy and the best value.  So the moment you sink into their sumptuous comfort, you’ll feel yourself utterly unwinding – so it could become your favourite chair from day one.   Lightweight, so it’s  movable furniture to go anywhere. Plus, as it’s so squashy, it’s easy to fit around other items when packing up the car if you’re staying away for a few days.  

Beanbags come in all shapes and sizes.

Sure you can have the traditional balloon shape. But we also have them as a B-Box box-shape that is ideal as a footstool too, or as a Bean Chair with  armrests  that’s as comfy as traditional Fatboy Original giant bean bags, but in the shape of an uber comfy chair. We even have a Beanbag Lounger.

For you, for both of you. Beanbags are wonderfully self-indulgent: cosseting and cocooning your contours. But they don’t have to just be for you. We also have a Monster B Beanbag that you can share with your friends when you want to chill out.   

Feel-good fabrics

Our beanbags come in a whole range of brilliant fabrics. Some are made from luxurious faux-leather: this is arguably better than real leather as it saves you money, saves you having to feed it with treatments throughout its life and saves you from having to giving it special treatments if there any spills: they can simply be wiped clean.

If you want it to be even cosier, then try our Mighty-B Sheepskin Beanbag Chair – which is also known as The Furry One. There's no faux fur here, it's Made from furry-sheepskin. It’s insanely snug and like getting a big hug from your favourite cuddly bear.

Beanbags are the best way for mum and baby to relax. Whether you’re a mums-to-be or a new mums who are breastfeeding, a beanbag or bean chair helps you stay really comfy.  

Babies and toddlers spend a lot of time on the floor: it’s the safest place for them. So it makes sense for you to be comfy on their level too. The bean bags also mould to the shape of a baby so they are blissfully comfortable – helping them be blissfully quiet too.  

Chill-out outdoors

We have special weather-resistant, shower-proof, fade-proof Outdoor Bean bags too – of course you can still use them inside. They’re great to connect with nature and make the most of your garden as you feel the sun on your face. Then just lounge on your patio, decking or back to nature on your grass – my family even put them on the trampoline and have a chill-out with friends.

Want to take the weight completely off your feet? Then try our B Hammock. It has a tremendously strong, sturdy metal frame, assembles in seconds and lasts a lifetime. Best of all, the hammock is wide enough for two of you to share… so you can both gently rock in the sun. It’s waterproof too, so you can leave it outdoors or quickly unhook it too.

Plus, our place in the sun costs you a lot less than a Fatboy Hammock – we know that it will delight the inner bean counter in you.

Our Beanbags and Bean Chairs are great for gaming.

Our gaming bean bags look amazing and feel fantastic as they perfectly mould to your contours. So you can enjoy all the excitement and stay comfy however many hours you’re playing for.

Plus, you’re lower to the ground. So if you’re driving in a video game, you sit with your legs forward, just as you would in a real car. The squashy supportive shape feels like you’re in a bucket seat in a sports car or a go kart so you feel closer to the action.

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Effortlessly cool designer storage

This is Yamazaki: No, not Yamazaki the award-winning Japanese whisky, but sleek chic either created by our designer friends in the far east. Yamazaki is a family business that's been in Japan over 100 years.

Each piece of Yamazaki Storage has been carefully considered, every aspect looked at so that it is pared down to its absolute essence of function and form. The result is unflappably stylish, streamlined design.

Many pieces are slimline: where the challenge is to create practical pieces that reinvent the space they use with minimalist design. Convention is challenged. Often where metal or plastic is typically used, it’s been sculpted from wood. So it connects with us on a new level. Everyday items now have a new perspective.

Take a look at the purity of this uber-stylish design collection…

From a sculpted wooden tablet and remote control stand to a coat stand that looks like a tree; from a storage basket to a pan organiser. There are designer racks with smoother rounded edges and distinctive touches for shoes and spices, pans and plates, clothes and coats, books and boots, plus toothbrushes and toiletries. There are more stylish ways to store your technology too.. mobiles and tablets, iPads and headphones.

The bathroom is a big area for Yamazaki.

There are space-saving slimline units for shampoos and soaps, toilet roll holders that discretely store 12 rolls; plus cotton buds and cotton wool pads; and corner bath and shower caddies (complete with drainage holes of course) that use suction pads: no tiles to have to drill through. There are suction towel rails too, plus a towel ladder – perfect for holding and drying all the towels for the family.

Kitchens are now cool not kitch.

Cake stands and fruit bowls have been reinvented – and kitchen trolleys are ultra-slim to slots into a kitchen nook or slide discretely onto the end of your existing units.

Enjoy a new dimension to living. Your lounge can now have C-shaped Tables that slot under sofas or armchairs: innovative thinking and clever design that creates new ways for you to maximise and enjoy your space.

Hallways can now make a grand entrance.

Sometimes it’s a single piece that transforms the look and the feel of a room. Our designer wooden umbrella stand with curved edges that beautifully holds 9 long / golf umbrellas,

Over the door is also a smart space saver that maximise your vertical space so you have more horizontal space to move around in. Our Hat and Cap Rack, plus our Handbag Rack cleverly hold them vertically: the racks are off-the-floor storage and can hang down from the back of a door, or discretely inside a wardrobe.

Finally in your study or home, office, we must tell you about this criss-cross cable holder. We love it. It’s shaped like noughts and crosses grid with slots on the ‘lines’ to organises all your USB and power cables under or on the side or back of your desk or along the skirting board to organise all the spaghetti mess of snaking, tangling wires.

So go on, take a look at how you can update you space with style with the Yamazaki storage collection.

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Really Useful Boxes

Plastic containers for every room

Plastic storage boxes, plastic containers or as we call them Really Useful Boxes. Why? Because we all need storage solutions – places to put all our stuff, so that we can clear the clutter, have room to ‘breathe’ in our own homes and relax. So tidying things away is good for our wellbeing: it lets us relax and keeps us calm.

Our Really Useful plastic boxes come in every shape and size for every room. They can come with multiple compartments… 6, 7, 12, 15, 16 of them so you can pop everything into a neat and tidy place. Many are storage boxes with lids to keep everything dust free. Plus, as each box is see-through, it’s easy to spot what you want straight away.

Superb quality

These plastic boxes are strong and durable: frost and heat-resistant with reinforced bases. Many of them have secure click-lock-lids and almost all of them are stackable on top of each other.

Size matters

We have plastic boxes for every item, from 0.3-litres right up to a whopping 22 litre box. We also have a space-saving Storage Tower with 60 litres, split into five 12-litre boxes to make the most of your vertical space.

16 plastic stacking boxes in 1 unit

We really like this item. It’s a neat organising solution that can be freestanding or wall mounted: each box is 0.3 litres: so they’re perfect for make-up, craft and art items, sweets, biscuits, cooking and baking ingredients. 

With so many options, just think what you could tidy away around your home…

Really Useful Boxes for your bedroom

They’re perfect for clothes storage, plus for jewellery, beauty and haircare items… make-up and make-up remover, cotton buds and cotton wool pads; plus larger boxes for brushes, hairspray. We have also special Men’s Shoe Storage. See our Shoe Storage for even more ideas.

Really Useful Boxes for your bathroom: Now with our clear boxes, you can clear up all your conditioners and sort out all your soaps and shampoos, razors and, shaving gel, mouthwash and moisturisers and tidy up all your toothbrushes, toothpaste and toilet rolls. And don’t forget all your bubble bath and bath bombs.  

Really Useful Boxes for your living room

Now you can clear any clutter and give yourself more room to live and spread out. So we’ve large plastic boxes for newspapers, magazines, books, box games, plus special storage for CDs and DVDs too. See our Living Room Storage for more ideas.  

Really Useful Boxes for your Kitchen and Utility Room

We all cram a lot into our kitchens and utility rooms, so our plastic boxes help you organise it better for fruit and vegetables, jars, packets, bottles, kitchen gadgets, laundry and cleaning products, soap powders, etc. See our Kitchen Storage and our Laundry and Utility Room Storage for our full range of solutions.

Really Useful Boxes for your Office

There are so many bits and pieces that we all need in our study or home office… paperclips, staples, memory sticks, drawing pins, rubbers, sticky notes, coloured tabs, pen ink cartridges, batteries.

So our Really Useful Boxes that have dividers could be the perfect answer: they’ll keep everything sorted into sections so they’re easy to see. We also have storage boxes for files and folders, plus special A4 storage boxes and waterproof VIP Document Storage for wills, certificates, passports and other important items. See more solutions in our Home Office section.

Really Useful Boxes for your Arts and crafts

Our compartmentalised storage boxes are the perfect solution if like us you love Crafting, Sewing, Painting, Drawing, Creating. So now nothing goes ‘missing’ at the bottom of a box or drawer. So it’s all easy to see and goes back in the same place every time so it’s easy to find. So our 16 Compartment Craft Storage Tray and our Hobby Storage 4Ltr with 2 removable tray dividers and 30 separate compartments are ideal for craft items.

You can now keep all your glue and glitter, string and spray, card and crayons, charms and cotton reels, tape and paper, stencils and sewing needles in one place. Plus, our Knitting Needle and great for knitting patterns and yarn, buttons and beads, needles and thread, pins and trims, threads and thimbles. mosaic tiles and much more.

Our Paint Brush Storage is perfect for your round and your riggers, your fan and flat brushes – plus all your paints, pens, pencils, putty rubbers, sponges and masking fluid. Our Greeting Card and Envelope Storer and Scrap Book Storage are also really handy if you love to create and capture beauty.  

Really Useful Boxes for your presents and Christmas decorations

If you love to dress up your home, then our storage boxes with dividers are perfect. You can store all your baubles, and other decorations for Christmas, plus for Easter, Halloween and more. Plus, our Wrapping Storage Box can hold everything you need for wrapping presents: paper, ribbons, bows, scissors, string, sticky tape, tags, so you’re all set for Christmas, plus any birthday, anniversary, or special celebration.

Really Useful Boxes for your Garage, Workshop, Shed and Garden

Many of our Really Useful Boxes come with compartments. Which are perfect for all those fiddly bits and bobs: screws and nails, nuts and bolts, washers and wooden dowels – plus rawl plugs, drill bits, cable ties and more. We’ve also handy boxes that are weatherproof boxes for outdoor cables, hand forks and mini trowels, plastic pots, plant sprays and insecticides, plus, small bags of fertiliser.

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