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The Garlic Card® - Blue

(8 Reviews)

Choose from 6 bright colours

£ 4 .00

We love this neat little kitchen organiser which has been designed to grate garlic with ease and speed.

Simply rub your peeled clove of garlic over the embossed base for instant aromatic garlic puree every time without a knife or fussy garlic press in sight. When you've finished, simply turn over the card and run down the side of your pan to add the garlic to your bolognese, home made soup etc.

The garlic card is dishwasher safe and is a real time-saver when it comes to the washing-up as it avoids the painstaking task of cleaning traditional garlic presses and razor sharp graters.

Unless otherwise stated, all dimensions are external. Widths provided are measured at the widest point.

Width 5.5 cm
Depth 10 cm


Since 2000 when Eddingtons was founded by Brian Rogers they have always seen themselves a little bit different from the mainstream housewares suppliers. The early team began to source the perfect Eddingtons tool or gadget that fitted in with their ‘Functional but fun’ mantra. Over the last two years they have joined forces with brands such as Bee’s Wrap and Wade Ceramics. Acquiring the brand Gilberts Food Service Ltd in March 2017 opened up a new market for Eddingtons allowing them to reach a new selection of great European brands such as Truedeau and Valira

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Independent Feedback based on 8 verified reviews.
Mr. Guy Mitchell
it was red, not black, not that it matters
Grates garlic
Most of the garlic is lost as it sticks to the card and is difficlt to srape off.
A Place For Everything
Mar, 2015
Thanks for your feedback and I am pleased to hear your delivery was prompt. I am sorry to hear that you are not finding the garlic card very useful, please feel free to return this to us for a refund if you wish. Kind Regards Lindsey@aplaceforeverything
Beter than I thought it would be
There was a sticker glued on the back of the card - I still cannot get rid of the glue. The card itself does not work for me - maybe someone else find it more suitable
A Place For Everything
Apr, 2014
Really sorry to hear that the glue from the sticker would not come off - it should have easily come off in Luke warm water with a gentle rub of a scouring pad. If you would like to return the item to us we can of course process a refund for you. Beth@aplaceforeverything
Still to use