Set of 2 Plant Tags

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By Blomus


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£ 20 .00

Set of 2 Plant Tags

Our set of 2 plant tags have been designed to make labelling up your herbs etc. quick and simple

Each tag is created from matt stainless steel and slate-look polystone and comes with oil chalk so you can mark your basil from your chives.

Do hurry though as we've only a few at this low STORE sale price.

Set of 2 matt stainless steel and polystone plant tags

Dimensions: 40cm high x 3cm wide


Starting out as a family business in 1921 manufacturing bicycle parts, their journey changed in 1961 branching out into the gifts and design items that were locally produced from brass, pewter, brass and stainless steel. Continuing until the year 2000, the name Blomus was finally chosen to represent the design brand going forward.

Quality above all with the Blomus range has ensured that their products are the forefront of the international design world. Inspired by many European designers and German craftsmen the finest quality of stainless steel is used to produce mirrors, kitchen accessories, bathroom hardware, fireplace accessories and office accessories.

Their passion for quality overall has made Blomus a leading provider of interior design and accessories to last and be loved for many generations to come.

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