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Loft Space Shelving - elfa Freestanding ™


elfa freestanding? is brand new and requires no screwing or fixing to the wall. It offers everything you'd expect from elfa® in terms of Swedish quality and ease of assembly and some more! Simply clip the modular elfa shelving components together with zero fuss then add more elfa shelves if your future needs ever change.

It's great for situations where you can't or just don't want to wall mount your shelving such as a loft space with a pitched roof, rented accommodation where you may want to take-down and reconfigure your shelving elsewhere or perhaps where a dado rail or fragile walls simply won't allow traditional wall mounted elfa shelving.

Our elfa freestanding? loft solution shown above has plenty of shelf space for storage of all that clutter that seems to roam around the loft and a clothes hanging area for out of season clothes storage. The two units can be positioned side by side for one wall of storage approx. 2.4m long or (as shown above) alone each at approx. 1.2m wide.


Each Unit is 121cm wide and requires 57cm depth. The elfa freestanding unit to the left of the photo is 210cm high whist the unit on the right is requires a clear 125cm height.

If your available space doesn't meet this criteria, we'd be happy to plan a custom space at no charge, just email STORE with details or call 0844 414 2885.

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