Elfa Garage and Workshop Storage

Organise your garage or workshop using our range of modular shelving from elfa. The wall-mounted system is stylish, heavy-duty and can cater to all budgets. We have a selection of ready-made solutions as well as individual components including tool boards, tool hooks, cable hooks, bike hooks, screwdriver stores and more.

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How can we help?

We can help organise your workshop, garage or utility room with our new range of Swedish made Elfa Garage storage.

Used alone or within a wider Elfa shelving project, our tool storage hooks, parts storage bins and hangers will keep your workshop looking as organised as any professional garage.

Our neat new Elfa Garage storage system is great for utility rooms too making clever use of space for mops, brushes and ironing boards etc. Our customers also suggest using it for sports gear and garden tools etc. and as usual with Elfa, everything is compatible with our modular standard Elfa shelving.