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Elfa 2 x Tool Grippers - Small

Our pair of flexible gripper stores (shown on the right of the photo holding a broom and a hoe) gently yet securely grip onto and hold any items placed in the rubber jaws.

Simply clipped into an elfa top track they can hold items that have a diameter of 2-3cm. They're great for storing sporting equipment such as tennis rackets and cricket bats etc. and are equally useful for long handled tools such as spades, mallets, brooms and mops, or even length of pipe.

Tool Gripper


Founded in Sweden by Arne Lydmar in 1948, Elfa International AB has been designing and making clever made-to-measure storage for over 70 years. Elfa International has subsidiaries in Denmark, Norway, France and Poland and the elfa product is distributed in UK and Ireland by Förvara Ltd.

The amazing modular system is both simple to install and oozes the quality you would expect from a timeless Scandinavian design. Elfa brings a new dimension and amazing innovation to uncluttered storage. With a modern, functional design elfa makes it easy and inspirational to create a system specifically for you at all levels and for any room.

Over the years elfa has rolled out several new products including the luxurious wooden décor range which makes for a stylish dressing room as well as the elfa utility range of smart storage for both garage and sheds. 

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