Bean Bag Crazy Mighty B-Box Footstool - Sheepskin - Ivory

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Bean Bag Crazy Mighty B-Box Footstool - Sheepskin

The stylish new 'Beanbag Crazy B-Box' is a perfect solution for space-poor, style conscious grown-ups and has been designed by our friends at Extreme Lounging.

Dubbed the 'ultimate seat for your feet', our new furry B-Box is covered in the highest quality sheepskin from New Zealand and is filled with beans, making it a great accessory to go with our sheepskin bean bag which can be found on the links below.

Available in four different natural colours; grey, black, chocolate brown and ivory, these insanely snug sheepskin poufs are not only a brilliant foot stool, but an extra seat when company calls.

Sheepskin furry B-Box footstool from Extreme Lounging

Dimensions: 40cm high x 40cm wide x 40cm deep


Extreme Lounging

Starting as a family business and stemming from a simple request from Steve Shrimpton’s son who simply asked, “Can you make me a bean bag please, Dad?”. Steve, who had been running a successful textiles business set about creating the huge beanbag seat that he son has requested and B-Bag was born.

The B-Bag is certainly British through and through, with every B-Bag being made in the heart of Yorkshire for over 10 years.

These mighty B-bags are designed to certainly break the mould on the traditional bean bag with comfort, posterior and design all kept in mind. The range has developed over the years from the kids Mini-B, the original Mighty B-Bag, the Monster-B and now Extreme Lounging are taking the outdoor beanbag world by storm with the B-Box Footstools, B-Bed Loungers and the all new B-Hammock.

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