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£ 4 .50

Ideal for hallways in shared flats etc. our Pedalo bike rack allows for a push bike to be quickly and simply stored off the ground by resting its pedal on the rack.

£ 12 .50

Double storage hook with non slip coating great for storing sports equipment, gardening tools, ladders etc. in the garage.

£ 20 .00

Make better use of space in your garage with our simple bike lift. Easy to install and great to use.

£ 48 .00

Set of 2 wall mounted swivelling storage hooks that fold flat against the wall when not in use. Ideal for storing up to 3 bikes or roof top boxes etc.

£ 1 .50

Zinc plated spring-loaded clip. Great idea to store and keep a torch close to hand and easy to find. Also useful for brooms and mops

£ 22 .00

Great for garages where space is tight our fold-away bike rack will store two bikes and your helmets and jackets

£ 8 .00

Heavy duty double tool hanger. Ideal for storing power tools and garden power tools etc.

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£ 28 .00

Pair of heavy duty multi purpose double hangers. Great for storing skateboards and helmets or positioned further apart for storing ladders or planks of wood etc.

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£ 10 .00

Wall mounted 'Garden' cast iron hook for storing hand tools, accessories, aprons etc.

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£ 3 .00

Simply wall mounted hook to securely hold a bike by it's front or back wheel.

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£ 5 .00

Keep your ladders and garden tools secure with our heavy duty lockable storage hook for your garage or shed.

£ 85 .00

Space saving wall mounted storage rack with 5 plastic coated hooks and side hanging rails. Great for using in the garage for the families bikes, cycling jackets, helmets etc.

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£ 2 .50

Easy to install wall mounted garden hose storage hook.

£ 7 .50

Create extra storage space in your garage with our overhead hook. This heavy duty hook can be screwed to the roof to store ladders, planks of wood, parasols etc.

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£ 6 .00

Reusable mega twist tie. Perfect for organising tools in the garage, transporting items on your car / van or bundling supplies at work.

£ 6 .50

Wall mounted boot and wellington boot storage hook to store a single pair of kids wellies or how about for Mum and Dad's muddy boots

£ 6 .00

Rustic metal coat hook in the shape of either a garden spade or fork. A great idea for the boot room or back of the shed door.

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£ 28 .00

Pair of hard wearing large hooks that can be used together as brackets for a shelf above as well as storing your power tools below.

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£ 15 .00

Adjustable, hinged bike rack for a single bike for indoor or outdoor use.

£ 17 .00

Cast Iron tidy to help store your unruly hosepipe and keep it tangle free.

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£ 2 .00

Set of 2 wall mounted storage hooks. Great for use in the garage or shed.

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£ 2 .00

Multi purpose S storage hook. Great for hanging buckets, baskets etc.

£ 3 .50

Multi-purpose galvanised hanger. Ideal for the garage or shed. A basic but good quality galvanised storage hook that does the job!

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£ 10 .00

2 x Heavy duty storage hooks to help neaten up your garage. Ideal for using to store ladders or garden chairs etc over the winter months.

More about this range

Bike Hooks

Whether you call them Bicycle Hooks or Cycle Hooks, we’ve got six, yes six different Bike Hooks. Ones you can park your bike, hang it from the frame, the wheel or the pedal. Plus we have heavy duty lockable storage bike hooks.

We even have a Bike Lift: a bike hook that lower down from the ceiling so you maximise your space.

Garage Hooks and Racks

For your boot room, garage, shed, workshop or outside, we have Ladder Hooks, Garden Chair Hooks and Garden Tool Hooks, Bucket Hooks, Garden Hose Hooks, Power Tool Hooks, Welly Boot Hooks. Plus we’ve Overhead Hooks and Spring Clips for tools and torches, mops and brooms.

One of my favourites is the Gardeners Coat Hooks: shaped like a spade or a fork with hooks that hang down.