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Updated: 12/07/2020

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£ 36 .00

Great quality huge plastic storage box on castors with foldable lid. Great for storing bulkier items such as pillows, garden furniture cushions etc

£ 15 .00

15ltr clip close storage box with a removable divider tray. Great for small tools, fuses, craft supplies, sewing kits etc

£ 29 .00

Our sturdy XL decorations storage container has 4 card insert trays to hold up to 40 large and 72 small Christmas baubles and a domed lid with bags of room to store tinsel and lights etc.

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£ 12 .00

12 ltr capacity sturdy plastic waterproof storage box. Great for storing precious documents such as passports, wills, birth certificates etc.

£ 12 .00

Sturdy and compact 24 litre Christmas decorations storage box with 3 cardboard inserts to store 45 baubles.

£ 15 .00

Sturdy storage bag with 3 x card trays to store up to 72 baubles Folds flat when not in use.

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£ 19 .00

Neat toolbox with 6 x internal trays and a large divider tray for tools.Great for popping in a cupboard and keeping oft-used tools etc.

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£ 25 .00

Our robust pop-up storage bag is ideal for lengths of outdoor LED cable lights or fairy lights.

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£ 22 .00

33-litre capacity plastic waterproof storage box. Great for use in the garage, caravan, shed, boat etc. or where water damage might present a problem

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£ 29 .00

Large 50-litre capacity plastic waterproof storage box. Great for use in the garage, caravan, shed etc.

£ 24 .50

Spruce wood kindling wood storage box to neaten up the fireside

£ 12 .00

Strong zip-up storage bag with 3 x trays to store baubles and other decorations. Stores up to 48 baubles and folds flat when not in use.

£ 25 .00

Robust pop-up storage bag ideal for storing wreaths, outdoor cable lights etc.


£ 37 .00

Heavy duty large pop-up storage bag with sturdy handles to safely store your Christmas tree until next year. Designed to last a lifetime!

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£ 15 .00

Tidy lidded box to store your craft supplies with 7 removable trays inside.

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£ 4 .00

Plastic insert with carry handle and 2 storage compartments. Can be used in our15 Ltr Parts Bin Storage Box or alone

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£ 10 .00

Sturdy plastic tool storage box with clip close lid and internal tool caddy.

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£ 2 .00

Orange plastic parts storage bin. Great for organising and dividing nuts, bolts, crayons, paintbrushes etc. Ideal for popping in a deep drawer, cupboard etc.

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£ 5 .50

Transparent plastic storage box with 8 compartments. Ideal for storing craft or DIY supplies etc.

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£ 7 .50

Transparent storage box with 16 compartments. Ideal for storing craft supplies, DIY bits, odds and ends etc.

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£ 14 .00

White thermoplastic 15-litre rectangular storage crate with cut out carry handles. An ideal size for art supplies, magazines, rolled up towels etc.

£ 6 .00

Lidded storage box to stop your matches getting damp and soggy before lighting the BBQ, bonfire or hearth etc.

£ 24 .00

Ash, Kindling or Charcoal - Keep fire supplies hidden away thanks to this fireside bucket with lid and handle. Easy to re-stock and even easier to carry.

£ 11 .00

Robust lidded plastic storage box from Really Useful Boxes. Great for garden tools, craft storage supplies etc.


£ 12 .00

Sturdy plastic storage container for your Christmas tree. This Christmas tree stand will last a lifetime and keep your tree well watered.

£ 5 .00

Our light & tinsel winders are the perfect solution to that annual frustration of tangled-up fairy lights. Simple, cost effective and illuminating..Ho! Ho! Ho!

More about this range

Bits and bobs, odds and end, nuts and bolts: there are so many fiddly pieces that we all need for DIY, decorating and craft hobbies that we sometimes need Boxes, Bags and Buckets to put them all in so they’re easy to store and to find.

So take a look at these plastic boxes from tiny sizes, right up to 120Litr XXL Mega-roller Lidded Roller Storage. Or go for Storage Boxes with built-in divider compartments so you can put things away and find them just as quickly.

Some storage is specially made for certain items. You can get all these here: Bauble Boxes, Christmas Decoration Boxes, VIP Document Boxes, Household Tool Boxes… plus Waterproof Boxes, Kindling Wood Boxes, Craft Storage Boxes.

After the festive season, we’ve Bauble and Christmas Decoration Boxes, plus Bags for Christmas lights trees and wreaths.

Plus we’ve even Garden Furniture Storage and Metal Buckets for coal, ash or kindling wood.