XL Decorations Storage Box - 60 Ltr.

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£ 29 .00

Our sturdy plastic XL sized Christmas decorations box has 4 card insert trays which can hold 40 large and 72 small baubles. Better still, there's a festive red domed lid which offers plenty of additional storage space for storing tinsel and lights etc.

After a fair bit of testing and rejecting we felt that sturdy card rather than plastic insert trays are much more forgiving when storing delicate glass baubles.

It's time to chuck out that dog eared cardboard bauble storage box and newspaper packing for good. Our all-in-one Christmas decorations storage box will last a lifetime and save hours of hassle when retrieving the decorations next year.

Dimensions: 33cm high x 61.5cm wide x 40.5cm deep (including lid) Cardboard inserts will require assembly

STORE Plastics

As a staple of our business we are increasingly focused on using recycled materials where possible, many of our boxes are made from recycled polypropylene.  Our best selling recycling bins are a great example - stacking vertically to save on space and designed with household recycling in mind we thought what better than to make recycling containers from other than recycled plastic.

Alongside some of our basic box creations we have some unusual storage boxes such as the VIP documents box - a waterproof box to keep insurance documents, deeds and passports inside in case of a flood. Thanks to the feedback of happy customer we also now have introduced a larger version with 50 litres of storage space - ideal for garden cushions or for use in damp sheds or garages over winter!

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