Retro Desk - 7 Drawer

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Retro Desk - 7 Drawer

We love our new range of solid fir wood industrial looking furniture which has been designed to add an retro feel to almost any room in the house with its metal and rivet detailing.

Our desk features 7 drawers of varying sizes providing plenty of space for storing stationery, books, magazines, tools etc and each is numbered helping you to add some organisation to your storage.

The right hand side of the desk features a folding table area that gives you an extra surface area when needed and can be folded down when not if space is at a premium

Ideal for using in a home office, bedroom, or maybe a space under the stairs, our Foundry desk has been built to stand the test of time.

Fir wood and metal desk with 7 drawers - Foundry

Dimensions: 80cm high x 141cm wide (when desk area is extended) x 52cm deep


Born in 2003 and opening up its first retail store in the heart of Chester city centre in 2004, it soon became apparent that online shopping was the next big thing. STORE became more mainstream and in 2005 we launched online as with the primary focus of solving the nations storage and organisational problems. Today as a company we provide a range of well-made storage related housewares to clear the clutter shipping neat and tidy solutions across the UK and Europe.

Our STORE range of products is mixed and eclectic in style but since day-one products have always been designed, made and selected for their quality and problem solving design. Products are often slimline or space-saving, perhaps stacking to make best use of vertical space or just simple designed to effectively clear the clutter.

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