Home Schooling

Having a dedicated space that's calm and clutter-free for the kids' to do their homework is ideal. We've got stacking drawers for paper and books, desk tidies for stationery, compartment trays, bookcases and more.

The Problem

Exams off, clubs closed. But learning needn’t stop because the school, college or university gates are closed. More and more pupils and students are being taught online. So just as you may be working from home now as part of your job, they may need to learn at home.

The Solution

Having your own workplace is key. Keeping it tidy and organised is equally important. So many of the solutions are the same as the ‘I need to work from home’ products, so it’s worth checking those out.

Plus, we have Desk Organisers with funky stars on, colourful official LEGO Storage, plus fun Bookcases in the shape of a Tippee, or speech bubbles – and don’t forget about chilling out with indoor/ outdoor Beanbags.

Arts and crafts: to keep everything neat and tidy there are numerous storage drawers and trays with lots of compartments for everything from crayons to colouring, crochet to card making, sequins to sewing, painting to papermaking, mosaic making to soap making.