Jewellery & Make-up Storage

Add the perfect finishing touch to your dressing table or bedside cabinet with something from our range of handpicked jewellery boxes and make-up stores. We've got jewellery boxes and stands, cosmetic organisers and make-up tidies as well as nail varnish storage and cotton pad holders.

We all know that having make up that’s easy to hand saves time. If you’re going out the last thing you want is to scrabble around trying find a particular eyeliner or lip gloss so you end up flustered, frazzled and super-stressed when you’re supposed to be going out and enjoying yourself.

So it makes sense to have all your make up sorted, so it’s all in the same place every time. At A place for Everything we have Caddies, Trays, Drawers, Cases, Boxes, Stands and Organisers with dividers,

We have In-drawer Jewellery Boxes that expand to fit the inside size of your drawer of your dressing table. Plus we’ve freestanding and travel Jewellery Boxes, plus Stands and Stacking Boxes from Stackers® for charms, bracelets, rings and earrings, glasses, sunglasses and watches.

Looking for Make-up Storage? Then try our clear acrylic Make-up caddies, organisers, and trays for nail polish, brushes, lip gloss, eyeliners, plus Cotton Wool Pads, Balls and Cotton Bud Storage.

A clever design is our 3-in-1 Spindle Storage boxes for make up or jewellery : it has triple layers that fan out where they’re all held together at one corner.