The Smart Bowl - Lime

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The Smart Bowl

Our neat new 3-piece Smart Bowl has lovingly been made by our clever designer friends in Holland and is much more than just a cereal, soup or salad bowl, which is exactly what we first thought it simply was when we first tested this ingenious little storage bowl out.

The ceramic inner bowl has plastic insulated housing with an outer handle which means that extracting hot bowls of soup etc. from the microwave is easy. Better still the Smart Bowl really excels when it comes to scoffing your TV dinner or hurried lunch at your desk while still checking emails as you can comfortably hold it with one hand...

One handed eating with the smart loomm food storage bowl

...The ingenious handled design of The Smart Bowl means that eating from a hot bowl one-handed is easy and better still it avoids burning your fingers or knees when sipping that scalding hot bowl of soup in front of the telly.

The Smart bowl is available in a choice of lime green, bright red or turquoise. It comes with an internal white ceramic bowl and plastic lid which is ideal for the microwave or fridge. The 3-piece storage bowl is dishwasher and freezer safe and we'll send it to you in a neat presentation box explaining further why this food bowl is just so clever.

our smart loomm food storage bowl is available in a choice of lime green or red

Dimensions: 8.5cm high x 16.6cm wide x 20.5cm long

Rosti Mepal

In the 1950’s Mepal started making smart plastic products for storing food. They have developed a distinct style over the years, inspired by the Bauhaus tradition ; everything needs to be functional, simple with a timless beauty.

Mepal makes it easy – however hard you try; your kitchen drawers and cupboards stay messy. Packets, sachets, pots and boxes all jumbled up - with our storage canisters all your goodies can be organised and stored neatly. With the transparent lid and sides, it is easy to see what is inside.

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