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Avocado Keeper

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£ 5 .00

This neat acrylic storage box has been designed to protect and help keep cut avocado's fresher for longer.

The avocado keeper box has a flat base and lid for easy stacking if required.

Our Chester STORE customers also suggest adding a teaspoon of water to the Avocado keeper box before storing your avocado to add an additional day or two's life to your berry. Yes, avocado's are fruit or rather to be precise are single-seeded berries.

Dimensions: Big Avocado sized !

Unless otherwise stated, all dimensions are external. Widths provided are measured at the widest point.

Height 5.6 cm
Width 13.3 cm
Depth 8.9 cm


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Independent Feedback based on 3 verified reviews.
Nice product and works - only slight discoloration, kept avocado from going brown and looks better than wrapping in foil!
Mrs. Joan Wheeler
Have not used it yet but I'm sure u=it will work.
Mrs Catherine Bertram
just what I needed. my son has an avocado keeper and has been on at me for ages to get one
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