Crystal-Clear Cake Tin

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By Snips


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£ 10 .00

Crystal-Clear Cake Tin

Use our crystal-clear cake holder to easily store, transport and serve any kind of cake or gateaux.

The serving base is decorated with a doily-like pattern and the lid features a handy carry handle and safety closure to avoid accidents!

A stylish and safe way to display and transport your freshly homemade Victoria sponge from A to B.

Cake display tin and carrier

Dimensions: 15.5cm high x 20cm across


Small ideas with great successes, Snips is convinced that making a small improvement in a daily event becomes an advantage that multiples over time to improve people’s lives. The small ideas that Snips created soon became successful products, from 1973 they attracted the attention of the market with their now legendary Snips scissors – the ones that cut through everything apart from your fingers!!

From that day and through their Italian idea the range of Snips products have frown together with the company expressing its philosophy through every product to offer consumers a great idea, together with a top product. They offer a problem-solving range of products with a touch or irony, freshness and originality in the design.

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