Retro Office Storage Locker

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Retro Office Storage Locker


We loved these retro American style lockers so much we decided to use them to brighten up the STORE offices and we can confirm that they're great for storing reams of paper, box files and other consumables inside. They really add a splash of colour to any room and are also perfect for popping a printer on top of to free-up precious desk space.

With a lockable catch for filing away any important documents or (in our case) the petty cash tin, each retro locker is made from powder coated stainless steel so these lockers are durable and made to last.

High School Locker for the Office

Even better they are so quick and simple to assemble, it usually takes no more than 5 minutes and... No tools are required!

These great American high school style lockers are available in 4 different funky colours.

Dimensions: 61cm high x 38cm wide x 38cm deep

Please note that the pink colour option is not shown

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