Under Bed Storage Box- 50 Ltr

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Under Bed Storage Box- 50 Ltr


A low profile box ideal for under bed storage. Also a perfect size of 7" singles! Stacks perfectly on top of 64 and 84ltr boxes for vertical storage where space is tight.

External Dimensions: 23cm high x 44cm wide x 71cm deep

Internal Dimensions: 20cm high x 37cm wide x 60.5cm deep

(shown third from bottom in stack)

STORE being STORE, we only stock good quality storage solutions. These boxes may be boring old plastic but they offer quality and practical storage around the home or indeed when moving house.

~Frost and Heat Resistant ~Reinforced Base ~Secure Click-Lock Lid ~Translucent for Quick Identification of Content ~Interstackable Sizes for Efficient Storage

Please Note - If you've got 'Serious Storage Needs' and require several of these BIG boxes there is a small additional delivery charge if ordering multiples, which you'll see update instantly in your shopping basket (top right). Blame the couriers not us!...Mind you 5 or 6 of these monster boxes do take-up half a transit van!