Stocking Up

We've got a great selection of products which are ideal for storing any extra food and households items that you might be buying recently. Our range includes stacking lidded fridge boxes, plastic storage boxes, airtight containers, back of the door storage and more. A well-stocked and organised kitchen makes the prep-work, cooking and cleaning easier.

The Problem

Storing food and stocking up – it’s a natural survival instinct. Lockdown could last weeks or months. We’re also only supposed to shop for the bare essentials. And you can’t rely on a home delivery.

Plus, you’ll be eating lunch and snacks and drinking coffee and cans at home now, rather than at work or school.

So all our extra food, drink and cleaning equipment needs storing and the packaging needs recycling afterwards.

The Solution

Think outside the kitchen box. If you’ve run out of space in your kitchen, larder or pantry then get creative. Consider storing tins, packets and jars in your garage, shed or even the boot of your car. I remember Delia Smith saying that you can quite happily keep cheese cool in the boot of your car. Just make sure that it’s in sealed containers, canisters and tins.

See Canisters, Jars & Tins. There is every size of food storage from 425ml, right up to 4500ml and everything in between. They’re airtight, to lock in freshness, plus many can be stacked and they’re almost all crystal clear see-though, you’ll have no problem finding what you want fast. Or try square storage – better than space-greedy round storage – to maximise your fridge, freezer and cupboard space.

See Cupboard & Drawer Organisers, so you can maximise every inch of space and make it all easy to reach too – yes, even with under the sink organisers. From stacking shelves and stepped shelves to extending shelves and hanging undershelves that can hang down from your wall shelves and cupboards. And don’t forget over the door organisers for your kitchen door, back door or even over a kitchen cupboard door.

See Space-saving Furniture with Slimline Trolleys that fit neatly at the end of work units to Freestanding Shelves or even Butcher’s Blocks with storage underneath.