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Updated: 28/03/2020

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£ 20 .00

Stylish hand-crafted wooden phone & tablet stand in solid l oak. Great quality and handmade locally in Wales by our friends Gafyn and Sean!

Available In Black
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£ 7 .00

A handy little helper to pop inside your cup holder to keep all those cockpit essentials in easy reach when driving. Great for loose change, sunglasses, shopping lists etc.

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£ 9 .00

Retrieve toast, crumpets, teacakes and Welsh cakes from the toaster without burning your fingers using this handy bamboo toasty tongs. Why did no-one think of this great idea before now!

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£ 10 .00

LED light in the shape of a clothes peg. Clip onto the corner of a book for instant illumination.

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£ 10 .00

Silicone boat shaped double toothbrush holder to add an element of fun brushing the kids teeth. Available in blue and yellow

£ 5 .00

Keep your lunchtime banana safe, fresh and bruise-free with the now famous Banana Guard.

£ 3 .00

Suction earphone holder for the back of your phone to stop your cables getting tangled in your bag or pocket.

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£ 15 .00

Set of 2 solid wooden sticks to simply and quickly store up to 6 bottles of your favourite wine.

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£ 8 .00

A smaller version of our classic little black dress hanging jewellery organiser.

£ 4 .00

Suction mounts to a mirror or smooth tiles. Protect and store toothbrushes Available in a choice of animals shapes.