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What is Wall Store?

WALL STORE is a simple, neat and attractive modular solution to organise daily clutter.

Free-up precious floor space and easily identify the contents of your storage boxes without the need to rummage around them all to find what you're after at the bottom of the pile. It's great for the garage or workshop, ideal for toy storage and really handy for sorting paperwork in a home office.

Simply clip in the brackets to the wall mounted back plate and select the size of plastic boxes for your storage needs and arrange them to fit your available space. Each box glides on the bracket for easy access and visibility of contents when next required.

Either purchase one of our pre-configured Best Selling Solutions or create your own WALL STORE solution.

If you're struggling, simply email or call us on 01244 680 501 and we'd be happy to assist in working-up a solution to make best use of your available space.