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7 x Clear Kitchen Storage Canisters

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Our stylish new set of seven crystal clear acrylic kitchen storage canisters have a squared-off profile which means that you can make best use of space inside your kitchen cupboards and on your pantry shelving using every nook and cranny (unlike traditional rounded food storage jars which don't make efficient use of storage space).

Better still, the airtight lids are also crystal clear so you can see what's stored inside from any angle.

Winners of the prestigious DESIGN PLUS award, each storage canister has been specifically designed around standard food pack sizes so whether you're storing coffee, pasta, dried fruit or rice, there's no messing about trying to decant half a pack into a second storage jar when you find out the first one is full half way through pouring in the Tagliatelle or Fusilli!

These well-made kitchen canisters have easy open lids for those who find it a little difficult to wrestle open air-tight storage jars. They're dishwasher safe (up to 80 degrees) and are already a real hit in STORE.

Dimensions and capacity:

1 x 2000ml (1.9kg) - 22cm (H) x 9cm (W) x 14.5cm (D) 2 x 1500ml (1.4kg) - 17cm x 9cm x 14.5cm 2 x 1000ml (1kg) - 11cm x 9cm x 14.5cm 2 x 425ml (0.4kg) - 6cm x 9cm x 14.5cm

This Set of 7 Canisters includes the following items:

Height 22 cm
Width 9 cm
Depth 14.5 cm
Volume 2 litres
Height 17 cm
Width 9 cm
Depth 14.5 cm
Volume 1.5 litres
Height 11 cm
Width 9 cm
Depth 15 cm
Volume 1 litres
Height 6 cm
Width 9 cm
Depth 15 cm
Volume 0.425 litres

Rosti Mepal

In the 1950’s Mepal started making smart plastic products for storing food. They have developed a distinct style over the years, inspired by the Bauhaus tradition ; everything needs to be functional, simple with a timless beauty. Mepal makes it easy – however hard you try; your kitchen drawers and cupboards stay messy. Packets, sachets, pots and boxes all jumbled up - with our storage canisters all your goodies can be organised and stored neatly. With the transparent lid and sides, it is easy to see what is inside.

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Independent Feedback based on 12 verified reviews.
Excellent value for a good starter pack. Glad I ordered two. Just what I wanted for my cupboards.
good design sizes very good
Mrs. Marilyn Ferrett
Great containers,good size and smart appearance.My collection of these is getting bigger.
Lovely product. Now buying some products loose to reduce packaging so these are an ideal solution Seems really good quality product. Clear lids perfect in my storage drawer. Don't know yet how well they will last and lids will keep their seal but so far I am very happy. Will definitely be buying more sizes. Good value with special offer.
Mrs C Flood
Great product and multi use plastics
Marilyn Coe
Space saving and easy go see contents
Mrs. Marilyn Ferrett
I have been buying these canisters for a while and they will look great in my new kitchen when it’s done.
Good quality and sturdy canisters. They were slightly smaller than they looked in the photos.
Great storage containers for pantry items. They look great in my kitchen!
Gives a very fresh look to my cupboards , again a little small but a very good product
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