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Updated: 16/07/2020

Full Range

£ 20 .00

Slate grey two drawer fibreboard drawer unit for storing A4 papers

£ 14 .00

Simple yet stylish headphone stand from our designer friends in Japan. Great for sitting on a desk or by your bedside for your precious Beats by Dre Neat idea to prevent headphones becoming damaged or tangled.

£ 16 .00

Pair of bookends with storage space for reading glasses, pens and pencils, scissors etc...

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£ 440 .10

Solid wood Nordic-made fully adjustable shelving unit from our friends at elfa to store your ornaments and books.

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£ 739 .00

Solid walnut twin pedestal computer desk with plenty of storage space for your printer, keyboard, files etc. Delivered fully assembled.

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£ 493 .20

Organise your Home Office and give everything a home with the Best Selling Home Office Storage Solution.

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£ 8 .00

The Stackers Tech Stand is an essential for both home and office, allowing you to organise and store your most-used tech in one place.

£ 17 .00

Ingenious wooden lap tray with a clever notch to hold your tablet safe Great for catching up on your favourite TV or for a bit of surf and turf!

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£ 489 .00

Keep your home office neat and tidy with our solid oak 3 drawer filing cabinet. Delivered to your door fully assembled.

£ 25 .00

Remote control and tablet stand in stylish dark wood. Top quality product at a great price

£ 25 .00

Stylish accessory storage tray from our designer friends in Japan. Great for use on a bedside cabinet or desktop.

£ 39 .00

Neat low shelving unit to clear the clutter Idea for magazines, DVDs, LPs etc. and better still it comes at a low STORE price.

£ 210 .00

Set of 6 wooden modular cubes available in white or as shown oak with 4 removable storage boxes. Can be placed side by side or on top of one another for a modular storage solution.

£ 173 .00

Set of 6 modular wooden storage cubes for the home office, available in either a white or oak finish with 1 large red and 2 small white storage baskets inside. Great for clearing office clutter.

£ 79 .00

Set of 2 wooden modular storage cubes for the home office, available in a either a white or oak finish with a small green and large grey canvas effect storage box inside. Great for clearing office clutter.

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£ 79 .00

Oak version of our (almost) famous modular Tetris shelving Stack 'em and configure these fab shelves to suit your space... just like Tetris!

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£ 439 .00

Solid oak single pedestal computer desk with storage space for your tower and keyboard and a drawer for stationery. Delivered fully assembled.

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£ 629 .00

Innovative hidden home office designed to hide all of your computer equipment. Made from grey painted solid wood and delivered fully assembled.

More about this range

The Problem

You may not normally work from home. Your kids would normally be in school. So the kitchen and dining room table may not be enough – you can’t just hog your children’s homework desk, especially as we could be in this for a long while.

Plus, you may have all brought more stuff into your home… files and documents, workbooks and schoolbooks, computers, cables and chargers. It all needs putting somewhere. It all needs sorting so you don’t get swamped and can’t think.

The Solution

Create a new workspace. It’s great if you’ve got room for a new desk by converting a bedroom into a home office – with Lockdown, you probably won’t have need to have a spare room for guests. But what if you don’t have a spare room? Don’t worry: there are still many clever options such as Compact Desks or Folding Desks which save space.

Keeping everything tidy. Tidy desk, tidy mind – well it certainly leads to calmness rather than frustration with everything everywhere, plus it’s easier to clean and de-dust.

Any place will do. You may want to create a new workspace in an alcove, or under the stairs, or convert a bedroom or your garage, shed, workshop or even in your loft, into a temporary or permanent home office.

Try hotdesking: You may want to embrace hotdesking: where you share the space and put all your things into a portable box to take to and from the desk, so when you’re finished it’s free for the next person: see Clearing the Clutter below.

You’ll find everything you need to keep your workspace organised. File and Magazine Boxes, In-drawer Organisers, Desk Top Stackers for pens, pads, papers, plus Cable Tidies and Tags.

For more substantial home office solutions, try Stackable Office Drawers, plus Space-saving Workstations: desks with a small footprint, Foldable Desk Trays that can stack flat against a wall after use. Or Wall-mounted Desks that fold up flat against the wall afterwards. Plus, there are even Trays for Laptops and Tablets, that double up for your TV dinner too.

Modular Shelving: Elfa make super strong interchangeable solutions for every room, including your home office, that are guaranteed for 10 years. You’d have one horizontal rail and everything hangs down from it, so your wall isn’t peppered with holes. Add to it, adapt it or even take it with you into another room. Elfa has special home office solutions, bookcases and over the door racks too that all maximise your vertical space whilst minimising the floor space they take up.