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Retro Storage Locker - Tall
Retro Storage Locker
Out tall retro lockers are available in six bright colours and offer a fantastic way of injecting a splash of bright retro into any room of the house.

Our Chester STORE customers use them in the hallway for clearing the clutter bags, brollies and shoes, the home office for storing files and paperwork or how about in the corner of the living room as an alternative to the traditional drinks cabinet or sideboard.

For those with big storage problems, we love the look when positioning two or three lockers next to one another.
American Storage Locker
Each locker comes with two internal and fully adjustable shelves. Additional shelves can be purchased in packs of two, please see bottom of page for details.

Delivered to you flat packed but very quick and easy to assemble (only takes 10-15 minutes) there's no tools required to easily pop these funky units together.
Dimensions: 137cm high x 38cm wide x 38cm deep
Colour :
Price : £189.00
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