Stacking Craft Storage Drawers

Robust stackable clear storage drawers with removable boxes to organise your craft materials. Clip 'em together, stack 'em up and get your craft room super organised!

Button Sewing Box

Giant button shaped storage box to store your measuring tape, pincushion, cotton and buttons of course!

16 x Craft Storage Box Organiser Unit

New Low Price

16 x plastic stacking boxes in a neat organising unit to wall mount or have freestanding on your desk. Great for sorting beads and buttons, needles and threads etc.

12 Compartment Craft Storage Tray

12 compartment storage tray great for storing crayons, paints, glue etc etc and can be used on its own or popped inside some of our other storage boxes.

Kids Art Material Carry Caddy

A practical and portable way to store pens, paints, stationery and craft kits. Ideal for that rainy afternoon art session at the kitchen table.

Stackable Office Organiser Drawer

Neat stacking storage drawer to organise your home office or desk top. Stack 'em on the desktop or create a larger tower next to your desk.

Knitting Needle / Paint Brush Storage Box

Long plastic storage box with a clip close lid that's an ideal size for paint brushes and knitting needles.

Ribbon Storage Hanger

Ribbon storage hanger with four non-slip bars which swing away from the frame for easy loading and then lock back in place one loaded.

Multi Purpose Q-Box - 9 Litre

A sturdy clip close multi-purpose box with removable divider tray. Makes a great first-aid box or a handy store for arts and craft materials, shoe shining kit, sewing, toys etc.

Craft Storage Box & Supplies Trays

Tidy lidded box to store your craft supplies with 7 removable trays inside.

Hobby Storage Box - 4 Ltr Really Useful Box

Great for Craft, DIY, or as a Sewing box, our hobby box has 2 removable divider trays to organise all your bits and bobs. Makes a great toy box to keep all those little LEGO pieces in one place!

Craft Storage Box - 22 Litre

22 litre storage box which is a great size for keeping balls of wool, knitting needles, knitting patterns etc all in one place.

Sewing Storage Box - Pink


Round sewing tub with 3 compartments and insert tray.

16 Compartment Craft Storage Tray

16 compartment storage tray great for organising all manner of craft items such as beads, ribbons, cotton reels etc.

Paints and Brushes Storage Box - 15 Litre

Larger relative of our famous clip close store box with removable divider tray. This box is great for any craft enthusiast as there's plenty of storage space for paints, brushes, pencils etc.

Multi Purpose Q-Box - 6 Litre

A sturdy clip close multi-purpose box with removable divider tray. Makes a great first-aid box or a handy store for arts and craft materials, shoe shining kit, sewing, toys etc.

Knitting Storage Bag - Polka


Handy storage bag for your knitting with pretty polka dot design.

Crafts Storage Box and Tray - 22 Litre

A sturdy clip close storage box with removable divider tray. Great for storing art / craft supplies such as paints, brushes, pencils etc.

Ribbon Dispenser Box

Sturdy white fibreboard storage box to store and dispense ribbon. Keep up to 6 spools of ribbon tangle free. Ideal for gift-wrapping and craft projects.

A4 Ream of Paper Store

Great Idea!

Our A4 ream store with hinged lid is designed to hold a standard ream of printer or copier paper. Also great for kids homework and art projects.

Suspension File Storage Box

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Sturdy lidded fibreboard A4 suspension file storage box to store your paperwork in style

Kids Art Supplies Storage Box

Robust stackable storage drawers ideal for the kids art supplies, small toys etc Clip 'em together, stack 'em up and keep their bedrooms super organised!

Knitting Needle Roll - Polka


Organise your crochet and knitting hooks and knitting needles with our new needle roll.

Craft / Stationery Divider Tray

Our lipped stationery tray can be used on its own or as a complementary item to our 7 litre scrap book box.

Sewing Box -Polka


Large polka dot print sewing box with insert tray, inner pocket and pin cushion.

Button Storage Box - Cupcake


Cupcake shaped button box and pin cushion.

6 Compartment Craft Storage Tray

Storage tray split into 6 sections ideal for storing all manner of craft related items.

Apple Organiser with 7 x 0.14L Really Useful Boxes

Desktop organiser in the shape of an apple with 7 brightly coloured 0.14 litre capacity Really Useful Boxes.

21 Litre Craft Storage Box with 2 Divider Trays

Translucent plastic 21 litre Really Useful storage box with two removable divider trays. Great for storing craft items.

Stacking Craft Storage Boxes - Acrylic

Set of two stacking acrylic storage boxes to keep your craft supplies close-to-hand and easy to identify.