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Metal Tray Shelf - 60cm x 25cm
Elfa Craft Shelf
Our range of slimline solid metal elfa shelves are ideal for storing larger items such as books and as shown craft supplies. These space-saving shelves simply clip into a Elfa Wall Bar or Traditional Elfa Upright without the need to purchase additional brackets.

The lipped ends provide a secure tray to stop loose items falling off and if a lipped tray isn't required, each shelf is fully reversible and can be used as a flat shelf by simply flipping over.
metal elfa shelf
Designed for our new elfa craft room storage range of shelving, these neat narrow metal shelves are fully compatible with our entire elfa range and can be used as part of your elfa installation inside wardrobes and dressing rooms, or as bookshelves etc. etc.

Dimensions: 4.8cm high x 59.8cm wide x 26.7cm deep.
Storage Weight: 8kg-14kg
Colour :
Price : £26.34
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