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Egg Store
This stylish enamel egg store offers a really unique solution to sorting and storing your fresh eggs. Better still, as you take an egg from the bottom of this stylish egg helter-skelter the older one's slide to the bottom so you'll always be sure you're using your eggs in date order.

Pop it on the kitchen worktop, to hold a dozen or more eggs (depending upon size) and keep them fresh and easily accessible.

Carefully crafted from iron and designed with a convenient handle making it easy to move around, we think this new egg store is going to be a real hit with our Chester STORE customers.
Dimensions: 23 cm high x 20.5 cm cm diameter

Little Known STORE Fact: After some debate and research we've concluded that eggs are best stored at room temp. and not in the fridge. Here are our concluding arguments for storing your eggs on our fab new egg slide:

- Bev says, "Yolks of refrigerated eggs are more likely to break when cooking"

- Erica says, "When have you ever seen your local supermarket storing eggs in the fridges?" (Eggcellent point Erica!)

- Julie says, "Egg shells are porous and absorb other food smells from the fridge"
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Price : £17.00
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