Best Sellers>>55cm x 54cm White Mesh Basket - Shallow
55cm x 54cm White Mesh Basket - Shallow
white elfa mesh basket 55cm wide x 55cm deep
Our mesh baskets from elfa are a great addition to any basket tower or within a wider elfa shelving solution where an open wire basket just won't do.

The tight mesh finish is great for storing smaller items as you won't need to worry about things falling through the bottom of the basket. The mesh also creates a more discreet look if you prefer the look of a more solid rather than open looking basket drawer.

The epoxy coating makes the basket resistant to chipping and each of our shallow baskets will use up a single runner within an elfa basket tower.

Dimensions: 52.7cm wide x 52.7cm deep x 8.5cm high
Price : £26.25
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