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45cm Gliding Drawer & Basket - Medium White
gliding elfa basket
Our Elfa Classic gliding drawer frame comes as one unit complete with an integrated elfa basket.

At 45cm wide, two will fit neatly side-by-side between 90cm spaced elfa wall bars below say a 90cm wide elfa shelf. All you'll need to add are standard 40cm deep elfa brackets to complete.

Use our shallow (8.5cm deep) classic gliding elfa drawer frames for socks and smalls, the medium (18.5cm deep) for folded shirts and tops and our deep unit (28.5cm) for jumpers, linen, towels etc.

If you prefer a more solid wooden look choose our elfa decor solid wood gliding basket drawer frame in a choice of birch, walnut or white.

Dimensions: 18.5cm high x 45cm wide x 43cm front to back depth

Please note: If using 2 x 45cm wide elfa gliding drawers and baskets side-by-side across a 90cm wide stretch, only 3 rather than 4 brackets are required as the two units can 'share' a central bracket. An additional vertical wall bar is required to slot the central bracket into.
Price : £42.41
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