Best Sellers>>Complete Tool Store from Elfa - Large
Complete Tool Store from Elfa - Large
elfa Garage tool Organisation
Our new elfa tool store storage solution in platinum is designed to make the best use of your garage work space and keep your tools close to hand.

The pack includes 4 x tool boards and a wide variety of hooks and hangers that clip onto the tool boards, several tracks to hold tool grippers and holders, accessory boxes / part bins for nuts and bolts, alongside a screw driver store, a wrench stores and a selection of other tool hooks.

The system is installed to your wall using just 13 screws which attach the horizontal top track to the wall (not shown) and then everything else just clips into place.
A minimum height of 160cm and width of 185cm is required for this solution

If your available space doesn't meet this criteria, we'd be happy to plan a custom space at no charge, just email STORE with details or call 0844 414 2885
Price : £300.00
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