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Fatboy Cooper Cappie Lampshade
Fatboy Cooper Cappie at STORE of Chester
As the name suggests, the translucent Fatboy Cooper Cappie Lampshade looks like a small Tommy Cooper Fez which neatly slots over your Fatboy Edison Petit.

Bespoke your Fatboy lamp to match your homes decor. There's over 20 designs to choose from ranging from 'Car Race' for the kids, to the traditional looking "Granny' which comes complete with a fringe.
Edison the Petit Fatboy Lampshade
Simply slot your Cooper Cappie over the top of your Fatboy lamp as shown and you've a unique Edison Petit lamp in seconds. Such a simple idea from our friends at Fatboy...we love em!
Cooper Cappie 21 Designs
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Price : £6.50
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