Full Range

£ 26 .25

Ideal for storing and organising cleaning products, bottles, tins, the iron etc. Great space saving item!

£ 23 .00

Sturdy solid hardwood tool rack that'll last a lifetime. Store your rakes, spades and forks with room below to hook on your dibber and other hand tools.


£ 24 .00

Great for garages, sheds or sports halls, our ball storage stand comes direct from Japan and will store 3 footballs, rugby balls, basketballs etc.

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£ 141 .75

A handy selection of hooks and hangers alongside our elfa tool boards to help declutter your garage work space and keep tools close to hand

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£ 10 .00

Wall mounted 'Garden' cast iron hook for storing hand tools, accessories, aprons etc.

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£ 10 .00

Reusable mega twist tie. Perfect for organising tools in the garage, transporting items on your car / van or bundling supplies at work.

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£ 14 .00

Cast iron wall mounted rack to air dry a pair of muddy boots by the front or back door.

£ 9 .50

Heavy duty hook to neaten up your garage. Ideal for using to over-winter garden chairs etc.

£ 12 .00

Wall mounted set of tool grippers unit. Ideal for garden tools such as spades and hoes.

£ 10 .00

Double tool hanger ideal for storing spades, forks, brushes etc

£ 12 .50

Double storage hook with non slip coating great for storing sports equipment, gardening tools, ladders etc. in the garage.

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£ 28 .00

Pair of heavy duty multi purpose double hangers. Great for storing skateboards and helmets or positioned further apart for storing ladders or planks of wood etc.

£ 6 .00

Rustic metal coat hook in the shape of either a garden spade or fork. A great idea for the boot room or back of the shed door.

£ 3 .00

Wall mounted tool gripper ideal for large garage/garden tools with handles between 1-4cm diameter.

£ 48 .00

Set of 2 wall mounted swivelling storage hooks that fold flat against the wall when not in use. Ideal for storing up to 3 bikes or roof top boxes etc.

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£ 5 .00

Wall mounted, cast iron tool holder. Great for using in the garage or potting shed for spades and forks

£ 8 .00

Heavy duty double tool hanger. Ideal for storing power tools and garden power tools etc.

£ 1 .50

Zinc plated spring-loaded clip. Great idea to store and keep a torch close to hand and easy to find. Also useful for brooms and mops

£ 85 .00

Space saving wall mounted storage rack with 5 plastic coated hooks and side hanging rails. Great for using in the garage for the families bikes, cycling jackets, helmets etc.

£ 5 .00

Set of 2 reusable twist ties in black. Perfect for organising cables and cords, shoring up plant stems, and other small organisational tasks.

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£ 28 .00

Pair of hard wearing large hooks that can be used together as brackets for a shelf above as well as storing your power tools below.

£ 5 .00

Pack of two cable winders to help organise and store your flex, string, fairy lights, tinsel, washing line, plant ties etc. etc. Avoid frustration and unnecessary tangles!

£ 17 .00

Cast Iron tidy to help store your unruly hosepipe and keep it tangle free.

£ 7 .50

Create extra storage space in your garage with our overhead hook. This heavy duty hook can be screwed to the roof to store ladders, planks of wood, parasols etc.

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£ 2 .50

Easy to install wall mounted garden hose storage hook at a great low price.

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£ 5 .00

Keep your ladders and garden tools secure with our heavy duty lockable storage hook for your garage or shed.

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£ 2 .00

Set of 2 wall mounted storage hooks. Great for use in the garage or shed.

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£ 2 .00

Multi purpose S storage hook. Great for hanging buckets, baskets etc.

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£ 4 .00

Simple wall mounted hook to securely hold a bike by its handle bars.

£ 3 .50

Multi-purpose galvanised hanger. Ideal for the garage or shed. A basic but good quality galvanised storage hook that does the job!