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Swedish Fire Log
Swedish Fire Log Candle
Forget your chiminea, fire pits and garden torches they're all sooo last summer! Instead why not impress your summer BBQ guests (and keep them warm at the same time) with our pre-prepared Swedish Fire Log.

Ok, ok so it's not one of our famous storage solutions from Sweden but we just had to order these when we spotted them as they looked like so much fun.

If you're popping round to Ray Mears place for a garden party this summer then he'll probably have whittled one himself, however for those of us lacking in Nordic bush-craft here's the low-down:
Swedish Fire Log Candle
More than just a conversation piece, the Swedish Fire Log will burn like a giant candle for long periods and last all evening without any fuss. Light it before your guests arrive using the fire starter wick that pokes out of the top of the fire log and it'll last the night.

The idea is that the vertical cuts in this lump of Nordic wood allow for plenty of oxygen whilst the log is the fuel itself which slowly burns in a controlled way all evening. Ray would call it a good example of a fire triangle but we just think The Swedish Fire Log Candle is so simple it's genius.

Swedish Fire Log Candle Dimensions: 50cm long
Will burn for approximately 4 hours
Price : £16.00
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