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The Garden Igloo® Summer Canopy
The Garden Igloo® Summer Canopy
We love our Garden Igloo®, but one thing was missing, and thanks to the power of happy customers we're pleased to present the Garden Igloo Summer Canopy.

Fitted in just a matter of minutes, the Summer Canopy allows your Garden Igloo to be transformed into an airy gazebo, providing shade from the sun on hot days, shelter from a summer breeze without having to move from your cosy garden retreat and added protection for your Igloo.
The Garden Igloo® Summer Canopy
Ok, so the UK is not renowned for it's blisteringly hot summers but if you're contemplating our (almost) famous Garden Igloo then this item really is a handy addition.

To use on hot days simply remove the Igloo's clear waterproof cover and attach the cream acrylic coated Summer Canopy in place for a cool summer look.
The Garden Igloo® Summer Canopy
As shown in the images, the Garden Igloo Summer Canopy provides plenty of cover and shade, the wide-entranced design doesn't impede your view from the Igloo and ensures you're still immersed in your surroundings.

For peace of mind, the Summer Canopy (as with our Garden Igloo itself) is constructed from recyclable materials, leaving you to enjoy nature while having a low impact on it.
Price : £349.00
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