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£ 399 .00

Our FSC certified Pine and zinc chicken coop is suitable for 3-4 chicks and given the space-saving two-storey design is ideal for smaller gardens.

£ 85 .00

We've looked everywhere for decent welly stands and most are rubbish! ...that's why we've got a blacksmith on the Isle of Anglesey to exclusively handmade this quality and robust wellington boot storage rack.

£ 9 .00

Neat canvas carrying bag for garden tools with room to store a bucket in the centre. Great idea for use when weeding!

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£ 5 .00

Set of 2 top-quality slate and matt stainless steel plant tags and chalk. These handy little fellows from our friends at Blomus in Germany can be re-used year after year.

£ 139 .00

Smaller version of our (almost) famous potting-up bench Choose from a cream or soft grey finish.

£ 5 .00

Fun multi-coloured children's elephant shaped mini watering cans with eyes that'll watch the plants your little flowers are watering!

£ 5 .00

Pack of two cable winders to help organise and store your flex, string, fairy lights, tinsel, washing line, plant ties etc. etc. Avoid frustration and unnecessary tangles!

£ 17 .00

Cast Iron tidy to help store your unruly hosepipe and keep it tangle free.