Unusual resin bird feeder in the shape of a giant pinecone

A storage solution for insects, whatever next! Our high-rise home is designed to encourage into your garden all those nice little beasties that help to look after your blooms

Store your brollies in style with our owl shaped cast-iron umbrella stand.

Acorn shaped bird feeder to keep your feathered friends fed.

Watch birds feed closeup from the comfort of your living room.

Barn owl nesting box designed to emulate the natural nesting site chosen by barn owls. Crafted from durable FSC timber with a zinc roof.

40% OFF RRP!

Charming pine wood bird nest with seagrass detailing.

Our FSC certified Pine and zinc chicken coop is suitable for 3-4 chicks and given the space-saving two-storey design is ideal for smaller gardens.

Fill with twigs, position near your window and watch the butterflies seek sanctuary at dusk and during rain showers

Hedgehogs provide a natural form pest control so encourage them into your garden with this sturdy wicker hut. Banish slugs and snails from your veggie patch by giving a Hedgehog a home!

Lovely idea to help protect our native endangered humble bees this autumn and winter. A storage solution for bees...whatever next!

Ceramic home to keep your ugly little friends moist and cool when the sun gets high.