5 x crystal clear stacking kitchen storage canisters with window lids for easy viewing from any angle The square profile makes for much better use of space inside your cupboards than traditional round storage jars.

Stack your plates vertically with our top quality innovative triple vertical plate stacker rack to create near-instant extra cupboard / worktop space and easy access. Finished in white and birch wood.

We love this neat little chocolate powder duster and Cappuccino duster in one from. Simply fill the unit with powder, choose a stencil and twist.

Lovely little 5 jar spice rack sitting within an integrated cork base unit. Great for the kitchen countertop to keep your favourite herbs and spices close to hand.

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Contemporary egg tray crafted from natural slate to display your fresh eggs.

Set of three fabric vegetable storage bags with a first-in, first-out system so you can be assured you're always using-up the oldest veg first.

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Slate serving board with chunky jute carry handles. Great for serving cheese, crackers and chutneys at the end of a meal.

Quality acrylic storage box to help keep avocado's fresher for longer.

Traditional pressed, moulded glass butter dish made using the original 1950's USA moulds. Holds half a pound of butter...in old money that is!

Traditional glass juicer and measurer for a sweeter glass of orange in the mornings!

Store your choice of herbs in this clever twin pot and you'll never have to worry about them wilting on the windowsill as the pot has an innovative built-in hydro watering system.

Magnetic holder to pop on the fridge door or any other magnetic surface to store foil, cling film and food bags etc. Available in a choice of black and white.

Powder coated traditional round cake tin in a chalk finish to keep your cakes and cookies fresh.

Set of 2 Guitar shaped wooden spoons to add a splash of rock 'n' roll to your cooking.


Just like those clever TV shopping channel products this neat kitchen gadget slices, dices, grates and grinds! Better still it's made in The Netherlands and built to stand the test of time. Available in red, white or lime green.

Oranges practically shed their own skin with this unique kitchen tool!

Silicone gripper to give a helping hand when handling hot plates, pan lids etc. Choose from several bright colours


Set of 4 collapsible silicone measuring cups. A great space saver to pop into cluttered kitchen drawers