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Clear Kitchen Storage Canister - 425ml
Small Kitchen Storage Container
Our stylish new crystal clear acrylic kitchen storage canisters have a squared-off profile which means that you can make best use of space inside your kitchen cupboards and on your pantry shelving using every nook and cranny (unlike traditional rounded food storage jars which don't make efficiently use of storage space).

Better still, the airtight lids are also crystal clear so you can see what's stored inside from any angle.
425ml Small Kitchen Storage Canister
Winners of the prestigious DESIGN PLUS award, each storage canister has been specifically designed around standard food pack sizes so whether you're storing coffee, pasta, dried fruit or rice, there's no messing about trying to decant half a pack into a second storage jar when you find out the first one is full half way through pouring in the Tagliatelle or Fusilli!

These well-made kitchen canisters also have easy open lids for those who find it a little difficult to wrestle open air-tight storage jars. They're dishwasher safe (up to 80 degrees) and are already a real hit in STORE.

Dimensions: 6cm high x 9cm wide x 15cm deep

15oz / 0.4kg

Made from BPA free plastic.
Price : £5.00
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