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Giant LEGO Brick Storage Box - Extra Small
Giant LEGO storage brick boxes
Our neat new giant LEGO storage brick boxes are offically licenced by LEGO themselves and are a firm favourite here at STORE. Just like the original LEGO bricks, each storage box can be clicked together and then stacked to create a giant LEGO structure but with the added benefit of storage within.

We think they're a great storage idea to encourage the kids to clear away their clutter and also provide a funky-looking solution for children's toy storage.

Our Chester STORE shoppers have also suggested that they make for sturdy storage boxes for big kids too and the samples we have certainly look amazing stacked-up five high in our shop, so why not rekindle your youth and declutter your pad with a tower of retro LEGO storage boxes.

Dimensions: 18cm high x 12.5cm wide x 12.5cm deep
Internal Dimensions: 11cm high x 10.5cm wide 10.5cm deep

Our Extra Small Lego storage brick has 1 knobbly bit(!) as shown in the photo above (white brick stacked above the red).

Overseas Shipping - As they're so BIG, we currently can only ship our fab LEGO storage boxes to UK, Europe and BPFO. It's simply tooooo expensive to ship to North America, Australia etc. sorry folks.....but watch this space, we're working on it!
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Price : £6.95
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