Best Sellers>>Giant LEGO Storage Bricks - Mini Bundle Design Colours
Giant LEGO Storage Bricks - Mini Bundle Design Colours
Save 20% By Buying As A Bundle
Giant LEGO storage block bundle - design colours
Thanks to the power of happy customers we're now offering our giant LEGO storage blocks boxed into these colourful best selling bundles. You suggested that this might save a little time when selecting matching colours and popular sizes and we thought it'd be nice to offer a discount at the same time.

We've been sure to include a selection of the most popular sized storage bricks that can (as shown) be stacked just like the real thing and we've been hard at work to offer new colour combinations to make sure there's something for everyone.

The Design Colours LEGO storage bundle shown above includes 3 large blocks and uses cool yellow, aqua and azure from our Design Colours collection.

Whether used in the kid's room for toy storage or in the living room or office for sophisticated storage for the style conscious adult, our giant LEGO storage bricks are sure to offer a conversation-piece and better still you'll be saving money as a pre-packed bundle compared to buying the bricks individually.
Large LEGO Block: 18cm high x 50cm wide x 25cm deep
Price : £64.90
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